7 Tips for Fast hair extension

You suddenly regret your short haircut, or you want to grow your hair for your wedding as soon as possible. This is our summer for you! Don't expect miracles to quickly extend your hair, but with these suggestions you can extend your hair in a healthy way.


In the shower, massage your wet hair from the hair stem to the front. You will be cleansed of the stresses of the day and the blood flow on your hair roots is accelerating.

2-Believe in the legend of the extended cuts

Yes, many of us are afraid to cut their hair. This is because when I say "I'm going to take a nap," the hair is suddenly shorter. However, removing the fractures on the ends of your hair ensures a healthier elongation. A healthy hair grows faster.

3-Do not neglect the conditioner

While shampoos purify the dirt and oil in your hair, hair creams add a healthy and shiny look to your hair with the nourishing feature. To prevent the balance of your hair's natural oil, skip the occasional shampoo step in your bathroom routine. Just apply a small amount of conditioner.

4-Say goodbye to hair styler

If you're really determined to extend your hair in a short time, say goodbye to the straigher and tongs. The high heat will damage your hair and be damaged. If you think "never used", apply heat-protective hair care products.

5-do close with cold water

Rinse your hair with cold water for a few seconds before exiting the shower. In this way, you will be prevented from heat-borne hair wear and you will confine moisture to your hair. In addition, washing your hair with very hot water will both weaken and tear up your hairs.

6-Pay attention to your nutrition

It's important to place protein, C and E vitamins in your diet. In protein-rich eggs, for example, Biotin is also used against hair loss. Vitamin E that regulates your blood is healthier hair roots. Healthier hair roots provide more rapidly elongin hair. Vitamin C is the assurance of healthy skin and hair by secreting collagen in the body.

7-Replace your pillow holster

Experts say that cotton pillow cases have made more friction, so they shed more hair and stir. You can choose a pillow case from satin fabric.

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