Best way to lose weight

To lose weight fast and healthy to lose weight fast as there's a big difference between.

Best way to lose weight For example the shock diet to lose weight in a week with 4-5 actually is the primary purpose of fats to lose weight doesn't survive. This type of diet is only a small amount of water and leads to loss of muscle tissue.

In addition, given the weight with the shock diet will be returned after a short period of time is almost guaranteed.

Healthy fast weight loss is a way to organize your eating habits, low-calorie but nutritious property is making more food and regular exercise.

Regulation Of Nutrition In Order To Lose Weight Fast

Remove Candy From Managing

The most important step that should be considered for losing weight "empty calories" is the source of nutrition program. High value in calories but low in nutritional value (vitamins, minerals, protein, fat-free) foods are the biggest obstacle to your weight loss.

Candy is at the top of the list. Fresh fruit and vegetables was good enough for our bodies ready sugar from foods and beverages we take for a healthy nutrition sugar we get what 4-5 finds double.

Nowadays, especially among young daily calorie intake of sugary beverages almost 10% Moreover, there is no contribution to the body of the the beverage.

The main experience is responsible for addictive candy waist region now known. In other words, even lose weight weight gain sugar but the effect is only very high-calorie us next it doesn't.

Excess sugar consumption is the research telling us doyduğumuzu "leptin" reveals that the hormone resistance (2). So we are full and later sugar we tükettikçe opens the appetite.

Consume Sweetened drinks diet ones won't care if you lose weight but maybe this drink artificial sweeteners used in note that many damage to health

If you want to lose weight fast, cake, biscuits and other packaged snacks, diet or regular sodas, packaged fruit juices, sugar cubes and other beslenmenizden subsequently remove all sugar sources have been added.

Many fruits contain sugar naturally. If you need sugar in grapes, banana, Apple, PEAR-like fruit (controlled) can consume.

Starchy Foods

Bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, such as carbohydrates, high-value starch foods weight loss can be obstacles to your. I'm not saying all the starchy foods is bad but starchy foods "refined" and "natural" (simple and complex) has 2 different kinds.

For example white bread or white rice refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates nutritive value is quite low, contains less dietary fiber and the feeling of satiety. In addition, these types of food are so fast they increase the blood sugar to sindirildiği as soon as possible.

On the other hand, unrefined complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly and raises the blood sugar more slowly.

White bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes instead of so much but not peas, lentils and dry beans, whole wheat bread, rye bread food will help you to lose weight.

More Protein

Carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes, pasta ...) protein-weight diet (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products ...) support two basic point you to lose weight fast.

The first one is the feeling of satiety protein-rich foods by extending prevents you from entering into a crisis of hunger between meals and in this way allows you to receive fewer calories throughout the day

The second is to speed the metabolism of protein, FAT stores in the body as a source of energy is that it helps the use of.

They provide on a daily basis although the same carbohydrate calorie ratios weighted instead of a diet is a diet protein lose heavily if you apply will be more fat

Don't Be Afraid Of The Fat

As soon as all the fat on a diet to eliminate the consumption of it is not very accurate. Because if you decrease both carbs and oil can feel yourself sluggish, and you can opt out from the diet.

Of course you have to be careful in the selection of oil because oil is not identical and different effects on the body. Avoid margarine and similar oil and olive oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil is rich in omega fatty acids such as oils.

2-3 times a week by eating oily fish or 2-3 every day by eating walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds 10-15 oil can meet your needs.

How Many Calories A Day To Lose Weight Healthy Should I Buy?

Fast or slow, the main rule to lose weight during the day doesn't take decades and take the calories that you receive must be less than your calories. So to lose weight and to lose weight, you must keep under control the amount of calories that you receive.

Healthy, balanced and ideal weight recommended daily amount of calories for people who are in the 19-31 2000 in women between the ages of men in the same age range 2400

If you are exercising on a regular basis you may need more calories. Calorie needs for your metabolism slows down with age.

Nutritionists and doctors to be healthy and permanent weight loss suggests that the amount of calories to maintain your weight 500 calories less from the calories you should take, you take direction. For example, avoid putting to remain constant if you need to import it to 2600 calories drop for a while after 2100 will allow you to lose weight.

Half the amount of calories that should be spent to burn fat lose weight +-3500. 500 calories a day for a week if you get less than 7 × 500 = 3500 so you can between 0.5-1 kilo a week. I'm not saying it's a quick weight loss but that a healthy, easy and permanent weight loss, on the recommendation of experts to give it.

As for the amount of calories per day to lose weight faster on you should decrease even further.

General health experts recommend a minimum amount of calories they 1300-1600 to avoid breaking.

So to lose weight to increase the speed 700-800 fewer calories a day. Assuming you've received less than 800 calories 800 × 7 = 5600 so you can lose weight, 1.5 months 6 per week.

The Importance Of Exercise To Lose Weight Fast

The amount of calories that you receive on your penis down as much as you want or if you have any calories decreases, you feel exhausted and sluggish yourself more, you can turn off the deficit by acting.

The effect of weight loss exercise-related, let me give an example; do not make one lose weight diet 60 45 minutes every day fast pace can give 2 kilos a month on foot. Your exercise if you supported a moderate diet 4-6 weight per month.

Exercise not only burning of oil to develop and give shape to the body muscles. While the weight of your body if you want it to appear more shaped which region is more fat in that area, you can do the exercises running muscles

Regional exercise to lose weight in that area are of no effect but after giving the resulting weight your muscles more pronounced.

If you do not have the habit of exercise to lose weight fast for easy on your body because all of a sudden, the exercise made muscle aches and extreme fatigue can disrupt your exercise order. Start slowly both physically and mentally will make you feel better.

For example if you are going to walk 30 minutes a day for the first week high-paced start and walk 15 minutes each week continue to increase the amount of time. Condition increases, you can increase your tempo, while walking in half by dividing your 2 can run in the middle.

Other Recommendations To Lose Weight Fast

Edit your sleep: sleep waking the metabolic rate is slow, little sleep during the day because of a lack of energy will cause you to receive more calories.

Reduce Stress: overload and secreted hormones due to continuous stress and increases appetite and lead to more fat storage in the body.

Keep a diet Diary: Yediklerinizi detailed as an aside to write and calculate the amount of calories your meals improves your commitment to both diet and if you are getting the results you want, what you've done wrong glance allows you to view.

Reduce the process: grapefruit, oatmeal, apples, eggs, ginger, green leafy vegetables, such as nutritional value, high calorie low reduces your appetite naturally in some foods.

Plan your meals Smaller: even a plate full of Heaping of sitting at the table might cause you to continue to eat doysanız. Do not fill in a lot of your plate. Even some experts small using "eye nosh" plates and psychologically says eat less.

Your habits Review: everyone has a "trigger" to eat. Some of us like to snack while watching TV, some of us cannot control the appetites try late.

What time of the day and determine which activities to you snacks and take precautions against it. For example, instead of your own potato chips less than before-calorie and healthy snacks can put in the closet and preparing your stomach so you can eat him when engraved.

Do not skip Meals: files that you have skipped that follow every meal meal as you will get back more calories. In addition, your metabolism slows down when you omit the meal and you'll start to burn fewer calories.


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