How to live healthy?

None of us like the word ' diet '. Many of us perceive the diet to stay away from the nutrients we love, to feed on tasteless salt-free herbas. Well, what do we have to pay attention to healthy life what should be our diet  

1-make breakfast early * A good breakfast is guaranteed to protect your weight. A regular breakfast also alleviates hunger during evening hours. An especially rich breakfast (egg, vegetable, cheese omelette, low-fat cheese or yogurt) is a guarantee of preventing hunger fluctuations throughout the day. Extends the toughness. Prevents insulin fluctuations. Prevents insulin resistance. My suggestion is that you do breakfast as early as possible. Because early breakfast is more supportive of the feeling of toughness.

2-Frequent and low eat * one way to maintain weight control is frequent and little food. The most important mistake that people with weight problems make is to starve until the evening without eating anything during the day, so that when you come home at night, you will quickly swallow, eat and chew. Studies show that the metabolism is working faster in three main, two intermediate meals a day, decreased insulin-sugar fluctuations, decreasing the likelihood of insulin resistance, and minimising the seizures of hypoglycemia.

3-Skip meals * Skipping meals is an important cause that disrupts weight control. Most of those who can't control their appetite, who eat fast, who have thousands of calories in their stomachs, are hungry and eat too much in the following meal. Trying to lose weight with hunger cures or a very low calorie diet is the worst message that can be given to the body. Because of your genetic metabolic and chemical structure, the stomach fat cell and the hunger of your brain connection "situation is bad, there is a problem with the energy gain, rapidly switch to fat storage mode" message detects.

4-Walk After dinner * if you want to lose weight, eat dinner as early as possible, even before bedtime 2-3 hours of eating – except for water-completely certain. Calories earned before bedtime slows down metabolism. And it's rapidly turning into oil, which makes you a big deal. In short, it's not right to go into bed with the Tok Karna without burning the evening calories. Taking a walk after dinner to support your body will make your job even easier. 

5-Step away from appetite boosters * alcohol is a hypoglycemic effect that increases appetite for most people, eating a lot of food. The sugar, flour, starch-rich snacks (biscuits, crisps, crackers, wafers, candies) that are eaten in the intermediate meals likewise take out the appetite. Food selections are also important: foods rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates eat more. It is also dangerous to start eating a warm bread (!) and to "sow-oil" conversation until dinner begins. We recommend a large amount of pain – a reasonable amount of cayenne pepper, in your mind that the ready-made salad sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup and so on can be out of control.

6-Reduce Hazardous foods * There are some common nutrients in your genetic heritage that make it easier for you to lose weight. Especially those who tend to fatten around the abdomen in their family, those with hunger or toughness sugar height, after meals Those who feel tired, drink too much, have to stay away from some food. White rice, pasta made of flour, white bread, packed with all kinds of snacks, potato fries, chips makes it easy for everyone to lose weight. Add fast food to the list.

7-Do not eat too much when stressed * it is certain that the stress is easier to lose weight. The stress is raining. The oil is stressing! While stress increases the production of some hormones, it reduces some. It is certain that prolonged and repetitive stresses have strengthened weight control. More importantly, stress is a big risk for sabotaging appetite control, which undermines your eating behaviour. Therefore, when stressed, you should try to benefit from the support that will reduce stress, not eating.

8-Solve sleep problem * it is easier to lubricated all kinds of sleep problems, slowing down the metabolism of insomnia and encouraging the next day to take extra calories, the sleepless nights are transformed into a "culinary-refrigerator Visit" ceremony Known. It is certain that a good and orderly sleep makes it easier to lose weight and to control the weight problem.

9-Choose Home Food * It's easier to control the calories and the amount of meals eaten at home. Eating at home also reduces the use of alcohol. Sweet consumption is less at home. Vegetable dishes, pulses group foods are eaten more often at home. Restaurant meals are high calorie. In short, home cooking is a factor that facilitates weight control.

10-sit on the table together * Eating alone is fast and likely to eat too much. The feeling of loneliness increases the frequency of the snack. The time spent alone also squeezens the kitchen-refrigerator visits. Nuts, sweets, crisps packages, chocolate tablets and the friendship reinforces. Together, food eats less, gives joy and peace. All of these emotions lowers the cortisolu in your blood, balance your appetite, and shoot your metabolism.

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