How to make dog care

How to make dog care

How should dog care be?

Animals are alive that complement the human race and interact with people while continuing their lives. In these, the dogs, perhaps one of the most special, have been tamed and made up to live with human beings. Among the dogs and the ones that have adapted to the wild nature, the types of pets that people live in in the garden, at home, in nursing homes, we have a very important place in people's lives.

The most important element for people who decide to have a dog is that they are undoubtedly willing to take long years to take care of the canine. Because a person who wants to have a dog is taking care of an average of 14-15 years, or even a good one, which finds 17 years. In addition, educating a puppy in the first year is no different than raising a baby. Getting accustomed to a dog's home arrangement is known to be more quickly compared to a baby.

It is very important that dogs meet all kinds of needs by animal owners, but should also be taught in a human family to know their place. Because, after a certain time, dogs are able to perceive houses as their own homes, as well as guests in their home. For this reason, the perceptions of home changes, including those arriving in the house, will be more clear, and they will be more likely to dislike it when this happens. A dog must feel like an individual in the house, but he must not feel human.

The dog should never be left alone for more than a few hours. Drinking water must be clean, which water you use should be given to the same water. It should be noted that it is a creature that is alive and needy to humans. Regular food should be given at times determined to fit the life of the family it owns, should not be sold. The health of your teeth is as important as the least people. To keep your teeth clean and to increase the durability of harsh food, you need to give hard biscuits or bones.

Each dog must be regularly examined against internal and external parasites such as a striped worm and flea, and should be vaccinated against diseases such as youth disease and rabies. For the shortened species, the feathers should be shaved gently and without being burned.

Every animal wants a place of his own. For this reason, pets also want a bed where their own scent will feel, in the nest. This bed can be a basket, an old armchair that the dog adopted as his own, or even a sack of beans.

It is important that each dog carry the name and address of the owner. This information can be engraved on the metal parts of the collar or printed in the form of a tattoo on the body.

With all this, it is a terrible event for them to get lost or abandoned by the owner of a dog. When such an event occurs, dogs have a great deal of problems as both psychological and biological functions. When a missing dog is captured by the officers and taken to a place where stray dogs are gathered, they become extremely agitated and confused. That's why house dogs should never be thrown on the street. If it can't be looked at anymore for a variety of reasons, and a new home and a new owner cannot be found, the best thing to do is to be kept alive forever by a veterinarian, even if it is painful to look human, to end his life. Will. But this should never be a priority, and the animals that are owned should be taken care of until their lives end, and must be taken care of by having a good family. Those animals that were taken for a whim and left to the streets, they were accustomed to home life, so they couldn't keep up with nature and die very quickly. Therefore, deciding to have an animal should be an important step like deciding to have a child. Of course, having an animal is a very good feeling, but it is more suitable for animals to live in their own environment than staying indoors. Dogs that are suitable for home nutrition can bring together challenging processes for dogs that cannot be used, as they are easier to get accustomed to home life.

Stray dogs are luckier than stray dogs. They live their lives with the existence of people who are struggling for their care. Stray dogs don't have much of a chance to care. Therefore, for stray stray dogs to contribute to their care and nutrition as animal lovers, the touching of their lives, albeit a small step for us, will be a completely different breath for their lives. It is important to extend both the state's nursing homes and personal assistance.

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