How to make slime

How to make slime? What are slime materials?


How to make slime? On YouTube and other social media platforms, kids and adults are often wondering, "What are slime materials?"  So how to make slime? What are slime materials? Here are the details...


"How to make slime for children, teens and adults" in recent times the trend of the internet world? What are the slime materials? " All details about slime, which is quite entertaining...

Slime Supplies

1/2 cups glue

1/2 cups hot water

Food dye (optional)

1 tablespoon borax powder (or detergent, you can use soap)


How to make slime?

To make slime, first 1 tablespoon of boraksi (or detergent, SOAP) 1 cup pour into hot water and mix thoroughly. Our detergent or borax powder must be mixed until it dissolves completely.


After mixing, it is mixed with hot water by pouring half a cup of glue in a jar. After this process, a juicy adhesive is obtained.


If desired, ornaments such as food dye or glitter can be poured into the prepared glued water. Then combine the glue mixture with the borax/detergent mixture prepared in a large bowl and mix it thoroughly.


After 30 minutes of mixing, the slime is ready and available. If the slime you have prepared is quite rigid and does not shape the way you want it, you can mix it by adding a little more hot water. If the slime you have prepared is quite liquid, you can also add a little more borax/detergent to your mixture.

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