almond milk recipe

almond milk recipe  Almond milk is a good alternative to cow's milk and is ideal for smoothies. Almond gluten-less, low-carb, helps to maintain a good cholesterol balance. You can make almond milk at home with the recipe we will notify you.


Dietician and nutritionist Esengul Isik's recipe




1 cup fresh almond

3 cups water


Homemade almond milk recipe made

1 cup almonds We wait in cold water for 1 night. We then add a total of 3 cups of water in addition to the Rondo (including water that we hold) for 4 to 5 minutes, meanwhile, let us rest and do the Rondoyu. Then we can drain it with the help of gauze and ready. We're not going to take his posi.


Ingredients for making almond milk 2. Recipes


1. 1.5 cups or 220 grams raw uncooked almonds without salt

2. 4 cups of water sold in the ready market

3. 1 non-alcoholic vanilla core or half teaspoon non-alcoholic vanilla extract or vanilla extract


1. For the preparation of almond milk Recipes

Soak the tonsils in the water overnight. 8-12 hours to stay in the water. So the almonds will soften, then drain the water. Put almonds in 4 cups of water, go through the blender, fold the essence of vanilla into it, and continue Blendera. If you think there are more than 4 cups of water, do it with 3-3.5 cups of water and add some more water if necessary. You can add honey if you want to sweeten the almond milk. You can put the mixture in a clean cloth and remove the strain, milk, and eat the remaining almond pulp on the rag. The almond milk you prepare can be stored in the refrigerator for 4-7 days. Just shake it up a bit before you use it. Almond milk can be used for multi-purpose, the Mesala cereal.


Ingredients for making almond milk 2. Recipes


1. 1 cup dry almond

2. 3 cups water

3. Half teaspoon non-alcoholic vanilla ecstasy or vanilla extract

4. Dry coconut or coconut milk (not necessarily, optional)


2. To make almond milk Recipes

Finely chop dry almonds. Pour the finely chopped almonds into a 1 liter plastic bottle. Add 3 cups. If you wish, add some dried nutmeg and thin nuts or add coconut milk. Add a half teaspoon of non-alcoholic vanilla extract. Rinse a little and leave it for a day in the refrigerator, shake occasionally during the day.

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