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The plan for those who can not afford a snack

Daily calories: 1,500 calories

Diet plans. If you enjoy snacking all day and you can not stop eating between meals, you'll love this plan. Instead of dividing your calories into three meals, we were able to go all day. So you will have three mini meals and three snacks, so you will not feel hungry. Those who like to eat are very lucky, because the key to keeping blood sugar at the same level is always eating small portions of food without hunger. Keeping your blood sugar low and in balance is the most effective way to lose weight and protect your diet. However, two precise rules need to be observed. First; If you eat high calorie food, the size should not be more than a deck of cards. The second one should be healthy food you have eaten. The amount you eat at your meals is as much as you can fit into your hand when we bring the two of you together.

Breakfast (210 calories)

1 egg (baked in sunflower oil) and a slice of fried whole wheat bread (will not be greased).

Mid-morning time (175 calories)

Probiotic drink and a handful of fruits.

Lunch (290 calories)

gr onion soup 75 gr chickpea meal.

After lunch (175 calories)

A few snacks and a banana.

Dinner (350 calories)

200 gr fish (may be salmon) will be cooked in aluminum foil or steamed, 50 gr pilaf, garlic on two handful fresh spinach, olive oil and lemon sauce and 1 spoon pine nuts.

Night (270 calories)

1 small avocado, 2 slices of ham, 2 slices of diet bread.

Drinks (0 calories)

2 liters of water, unlimited green tea or spice tea.

Healthy snacking tips

What should you eat between meals?

2 rice crackers and organic strawberry berry (150 calories).

1 banana and 30gr raisins (180 calories).

1 apple and 1 pear (120 calories).

40 gr cheddar cheese and two small crackers (170 calories).

Boiled eggs and a slice of bran bread (140 calories).

Weekend exaggeration plan

Daily calories: 1,200 calories per week, 2,300 calories per week

If you are on a very easy diet on weekdays and find it very difficult to maintain the same discipline on weekends, this plan will give you the flexibility you want. Since you get more calories on weekends, you need to be more calm on weekdays. So the calories you consume during the week are the same as those who get 1,500 calories every day. You should be able to handle the discipline when you pass Monday through Sunday. This plan succeeds as long as you place your head up to the next Saturday morning to manage your limited calories. An ideal plan for everyone living with the philosophy of "working hard but having a lot of fun". On weekdays, you will not be able to stop your social activities, do not apply this plan.

Weekday example

Breakfast (190 calories)

Mix with three tablespoons oatmeal and boil skim milk.

Lunch (410 calories)

Sandwich made with 150gr white chicken meat, 1 small avocado, bran bread and 1 sweet chili oil.

Dinner (340 calories) is the same as
50gr groundnut, walnut or other unsalted snacks.

Drinks (0 calories)

2 liters of water, limits of green tea and spice tea.

diet plans

Sample plan for Saturday and Sunday

Breakfast (260 calories)

6 slices of sausage, 2 slices of sandwich with white bread and ketchup.

Lunch (480 calories)

Fresh spinach and ricotto cheese tortellini, 1 tablespoon pesto sauce.

Dinner (1.220 calories)

Kebab, 2 pies, 2 appetizers.

Drinks (240 calories)

2 liters of water, unlimited green tea or herbal tea, 2 glasses of red or white wine.

Monday morning will help

First thing in the morning, throw away all the food left over from the weekend, do not be ruthless!

Stay away from family members and friends who have difficulty in understanding how important your diet is, so you can meet them on Saturday ...

Plan your feast for the next week. But keep in mind that these banquets only apply to those who practice the entire weekdays diet ...


The diet of those who can not tolerate hunger

Daily calories: 2,000 calories (500 calories burned with exercise)

If you can not stand hungry and you have a habit of eating at least three large meals a day, this plan is for you. But since it contains more calories than the other three plans, you'll also be able to burn 500 calories a day through exercise. In the days when you choose not to rest, you can apply one of the other calorie plans.

We should not be hungry between meals with this diet, but you can still press your hunger with a cup of green tea or even a cup of coffee. When you feel hungry, avoid handing your biscuits, high calorie foods, or you can easily overcome your daily calorie limit.

Breakfast (500 calories)

Add 3 servings of plain yogurt and 3 servings of fruit (eg strawberries, kiwi, bananas) of 50 gr to the scoop. In addition, you can eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread with raspberry biscuits.

Make a large salad with lunch (660 calories) 185gr tuna fish, 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 pike, 1/2 cucumber, 4 ripe tomatoes, 7 olives, a boiled potato and add a soup spoonful of olive oil, a soup spoon apple sauce, a spoonful of mustard and a garlic clove.

Dinner (650 calories)

Cut a chicken breast and fill it with basil, tomato and cream cheese mixture. Bake until the inside is completely cooked, at 190 degrees. Add half a bucket of brown rice, 60 gr broccoli and 60 gr carrot.

Drinks (140 calories)

2 liters of water, unlimited green or herbal tea, 1 cup low calorie cocoa.

The ideal food for those who can not hunger

If you need to press your hunger quickly, you will not be able to do it.

Add banana and dried apricots to oatmeal cooked with skimmed milk.

Put smoked salmon on toast.

Add tomatoes and pepper sauce on wholemeal pasta.

Eat canned sardines and toast.

One of the options is chicken rice.

Grilled salmon will keep you busy for a long time.

Ways to burn 500 calories

With this plan, you really need to act to lose weight. By burning 500 calories a day, you need to reduce the amount of calories you get to 1,500. We did a list of various activities that would provide you with 500 calories for this (based on the female metabolism weight of 70 kilos): In the 

45 minutes walking in a walking band (10 km / h), 
50 minutes working in a stepper, 
65 minutes cycling, 
55 minutes swimming.


45 minutes to make salsa, 
60 minutes to make aerobics, 
45 minutes to kickbox.

Diet plan of social butterflies

Daily calories: 1500 calories

Do not panic if you have to attend social activities, invitations for your work! This is an ideal plan for those who eat with friends at work and drink one or two glasses of wine almost every night of the week. Continuous touring can not prevent you from handling 1,500 calories per day. If you apply this plan, you will lose weight and you will not be missing any fun. Who said, "You can not have everything the same"? But for your health, try not to drink and go out for two nights a week (you can apply one of the other plans nowadays). Social butterflies enjoy traveling, participating in parties and having fun in general. But they also want to look good at the same time. So if you take care of your cats and sports, all your requests can be real at the same time. In order to get you back into the air after a long night, it will be useful to do sports early in the morning because you will be cleared of the toxins in your body. Doing sports the night before you buy alcohol will help you with extra calories you will get that night. By drinking plenty of water before you start drinking, you can be protected from waking up tired and sluggish the next morning. After you have drunk two glasses of soda, head for soda or iced diet drinks.

Breakfast (275 calories)

Coffee without milk. Healthy food with high protein and fiber content but low in carbohydrate (such as energy bars sold in markets).

Lunch (680 calories)

Chicken salad (avoid cream and mayonnaise sauces), which is on the menu of most restaurants.

Dinner (440 calories)

Half pizza (vegetable), mixed salad (with lemon juice).

Beverages (105 calories)

2 liters of water and unlimited green tea or herbal tea, two alcoholic beverages.


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