eggs how to cook

Eggs how to cook if you can not fasten the consistency of boiled eggs here are the recipes that will be the answer to the question of how to make solid, apricot and rack eggs...

He loves the boiled egg, but you can't get a hold of the consistency. So how do you find the right consistency when making boiled eggs? What is the duration of the egg baking on the shelf, apricot or solid consistency? Here are the recipes you can make eggs in the consistency you want... 

eggs how to cook

How to make eggs from a shelf? What is the duration of cooking eggs from the shelf? 

Boil the water before you bake the eggs from the shelf. Put your eggs in boiling water, close the pot lid and boil for 7 minutes.

Egg scaling recipe in apricot consistency

Boil the water in the same way. Put your eggs and boil for 9-10 minutes.

What is solid egg cooking time?

To cook solid eggs, you need to boil your eggs for 13 minutes. When the egg is removed from the hot water to avoid forming green circles around the yellow, soak in cold water.

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