fat burning foods

Skim yoghurt

Fat burning foods eating skim yoghurt for three meals a day helps the body burn fat quickly. Studies at Tenessee University show that people who apply this diet lose 22 percent more weight and that people who do not eat yogurt are more overweight at 66%. It was also announced that those who spend their days without eating yogurt are more concentrated in the waist area, especially the weight. It also ensures that high calcium and protein weight in the content is healthy. 

fat burning foods

Protein Powder

Did you know that Protein blends are not only for muscles, but also to lose weight? Yes, you can drink protein powder twice a day. Whether it's for water or lean milk. The employees of the University of Toronto say that two hours before the meal, those who use protein powder eat less than 200 calories. Also, a muscle mass increase of 8% was seen. From us...



Eat at least 200 gr of cheese per day. The research shows that 200 grams of protein and casein (protein in milk) are full of 32 grams of cheese. These two substances are very good for the digestive system, and you feel very healthy and very well. The richness of calcium in its contents serves as a catalyst for oil-worthy.


We all know that salmon strengthens the brain, but we always jump to an important feature. It helps you lose weight in omega-3. Really. The menu of the people who make the diet is definitely a strong, immune system that has to be found. If you value your metabolism a little bit, eat salmon four or three times a week.


Breakfast cereal

Of course, we are not talking about sugar corn-flakes. You know, the one with the muesli or the oatmeal flakes. Every morning at breakfast, 78% of the people who eat this kind of cereal have lost 14 pounds in a year. As a result of this research, we decided that we should better bend the subject. You have the ball...



You were at least a bowl of soup a day. A research conducted in the last quarter of 2001 was very low in the body of the people who drink soup five times a week.


Eat half a grapefruit three times a day. Vitamin C, which is abundant in its contents, greatly reduces the effect of fat mass. Employees of the University of Louisiana say that those who prefer regular grapefruit fruit lose 2 kilos at the end of 12 weeks. But you have to eat it without worrying about the sour, so eat it without throwing sugar.


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