Gentlemen Gather: We're Talking About Male Laser Hair Removal!

Today, the number of men benefiting from laser hair removal is increasing day by day. Hygiene is one of the reasons why men have laser hair removal, but artists and athletes also benefit from laser hair removal. Bodybuilders who want to show off their hard-earned muscles, swimmers who want to maintain aerodynamic balance, artists engaged in show art, people who want to feel better on the beach and those who have hair rotation problems are engaged in laser hair removal.

For whatever reason, there are different methods to get rid of unwanted hair. Workarounds such as shaving and hair removal creams have now been replaced by laser hair removal, which is the only permanent solution. Let's take a closer look.

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Featured method in male laser hair removal: Ice Laser
Featured method in male laser hair removal: Ice Laser
Men most likely have laser hair removal on the beard, neck, nape, back, shoulder and belly areas. Athletes, especially swimmers, use laser hair removal for arm and leg hair. In addition, the number of men who have laser hair removal to the armi seats and genital areas is quite high. In short, in all areas where unwanted hairs are found, men get laser hair removal. Which areas to have laser hair removal can vary from person to person and from need to need. But there is only one unchanging demand; That is that the application is painless, painless. Ice Laser, known as Painless Laser Hair Removal, therefore stands out in male laser hair removal.

Men feel more pain in laser hair removal, as the male hair structure is more dense and often thicker compared to women. Because the laser beam is absorbed by the melanin pigment that gives the hair its color. The more black the hair and the thicker the absorption, which causes the pain to feel more. Ice Laser, developed to eliminate this negativeness, offers laser hair removal in the comfort of massage.

Getting an Ice Laser is actually as enjoyable and comfortable as getting a massage!
Getting an Ice Laser is actually as enjoyable and comfortable as getting a massage!
Soprano Ice Platinum and Soprano Titanium devices developed by Alma Lasers, the world's leading laser company, are marketed in our country under the name Ice Laser. Ice Laser is a patented trademark registered trademark and is used in select clinics/centers of our country.

Ice Laser is an innovative system developed with the idea of a painless, painless, side ineffective laser hair removal. It offers three powerful wavelengths in a single system; Alexandrite, Diode, Nd:YAG. The three strong wavelengths used in laser hair removal together ensure laser hair removal in all skin types and all hair types. Since the latest model of Ice Laser devices, Soprano Titanium, has a wider treatment title, it shortens session times by almost half.

Ice Laser has an advanced cooling system. With Ice Technology, it cools the skin to -3 degrees during application. When the treatment head comes into contact with the skin, an icing coolness is felt. That's where the laser name comes from. Applying with an ice-cold cool feeling instead of laser heat increases patient satisfaction. Ice Laser is applied with an application technique called SHR. In this technique, the bristles are gradually heated. Instead of intensely energetic single throws, as in traditional laser hair removal methods, the treatment head is moved as if massaging on the skin. Both the skin surface is protected and therefore the risk of skin burns is minimized and pain is not felt.

Ice Laser has FDA approval from laser hair removal of all skin types, including bronze skins. While many laser hair removal methods cannot be applied in summer, Ice Laser is safely applied in summer. It's enough not to go out in the sun just a week before I got an Ice Laser. It is possible to have an Ice Laser a week after going to the active sun. A week after the Ice Laser is made, you can go out into the sun provided that you use spf 30 or more sunscreen.

Men prefer fast applications that they can have during a lunch break, such as Ice Laser, as they live quite intensively due to the necessity of the modern age.
Men prefer fast applications that they can have during a lunch break, such as Ice Laser, as they live quite intensively due to the necessity of the modern age.
Ice Laser hair removal has almost no risk of side effects such as redness, swelling, etc. on the skin, so they can return to their place of work immediately after the application.

Although the number of sessions may vary depending on factors such as hair thickness, density, color and skin color, Ice Laser is recommended for an average of 8 sessions. Some regions may respond in less time, and sometimes an additional 1-2 sessions may be needed. The session interval is recommended with an interval of 6 weeks for the body and 4 weeks for the face. No special care is required after application other than using a suitable sunscreen of SPF 30 and above.

Ice Laser is the most preferred laser hair removal method in more than 80 countries where it is used with effective and permanent results. Painless, painless, side ineffective, can be applied in all seasons and fast session time is also in high demand in our country. The number of men injured by Ice Laser hair removal is also increasing rapidly.

Ice Laser is very much imitated because it is a very demanding application. Therefore, avoiding imitations and reaching real Ice Laser centers

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