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High protein diet Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products are among protein-rich foods. Protein content is proven by scientific research, where high nutrients hold the person for a long time, delaying hunger, thereby making it easier to lose weight. For example, in the morning, it was seen that the people who ate boiled eggs for breakfast were weakened easier than the food. We have a protein diet in our diet root today. The comments of those who do protein diets, the weakening of this diet, are very satisfied with the protein diet and they are reporting the ideal weight of their protein diets. We have given you an example of 3 different protein diet lists, you can apply them from the list of 3. If you want to lose weight fast, you can make a protein diet that weakens 3 kilos in 3 days, our first list. Protein diet is a diet program based on the consumption of protein foods such as meat, chicken and eggs. The most important advantage of the Protein diet is that the weight you have given with this diet is no longer undone. Because protein diet is a diet that burns oil rather than a pitcher of edema. Burns the excess fat in the body, the Basen plays an important role in weakening the region in places where unwanted weight, such as navel circumference, accumulates.

What is a Protein diet?

Protein diets such as meat, chicken, fish, milk and yogurt are low in fat and are called diet protein diets made with carbohydrate-free foods.

Why is Protein diet a diet of pounds?

The factor that is effective in weakening protein diet is the acceleration of metabolism based on high protein intake to the consumption of protein-rich foods. Because proteins are hard-digested nutrients by the body. They also have an accelerator effect on the content in terms of metabolism. This means that you can rapidly weaken the diet with high protein foods.


What are the nutrients that are forbidden in Protein diets and are free?

Foods that are free in Protein diet; Eggs, milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, meat, chicken, fish,

Those who are forbidden in Protein diet; Carbohydrates, sweetened foods, high sugar, vegetables and fruits


What is the target in Protein diet?

The goal in the application of Protein diet is to lose weight quickly and easily in a short time. For example, you want to weaken because the summer comes and the excess weight that the clothes are thinning out; In such cases, long or short-term protein diets are the main goal of achieving the desired goal in a very fast way.

Does Protein diet cause any health problems?

Protein diets can lead to many health problems, such as kidney disease, liver lubrication, or elevated blood cholesterol levels.


How Protein diets affect metabolism

Protein diets positively affect metabolism in the process. It accelerates metabolism, causes rapid weight loss and makes you very motivated.


Diet List of 3 kilos in 3 days with Protein diet 1. List example


Diet List of 3 kilos in 3 days with Protein diet is as follows;

Diet List of 3 kilos in 3 days with Protein diet 1. List example

Day 1 Diet Menu

Breakfast: low-fat white cheese and sugar-free tea.

Lunch: A boiled chicken breast (employees can take away from home).

Dinner: A bowl of light yogurt

high protein diet

Day 2 diet Menu

Breakfast: One boiled egg and no sugar tea.

Lunch: A bowl of olive oil or boiled kidney beans.

Dinner: 100 gr. boiled or baked chicken with less oil in the pan, red meat or fish.


3. Day Diet Menu

Breakfast: One boiled egg and no sugar tea.

Lunch: 100 gr. fish, chicken or meat

Dinner: A protein-legumes meal like a bean or a kidney bean.

Diet List of 4 kilos per week with Protein Diet 1. List example


Morning Breakfast

1 Slice Fine bran bread

2 slices of skim white cheese or 2 boiled eggs

100 grams salad consisting of tomatoes and cucumbers

Fruit to be the size of an apple



1 Slice bran Bread

200 grams of meat or chicken (cooked in a pan-lean, or boiled or steamed)

1 large bowl Salad salad (lean very little salty)

Fruit to be the size of an apple



1 Slice bran Bread

200 grams of meat or chicken (cooked in a pan-lean, or boiled or steamed)

300 grams salad (lean less salty)

Fruit to be the size of an apple


Diet list of 5 kilos per week with Protein Diet 3. List example


Morning Breakfast: 1 plate homemade yogurt or 1 cup milk or 100 grams lean white cheese.


Lunch: 200 grams of fish or up to 150 grams of red meat or 2 boiled eggs or 200 grams of vegetable meal you can eat 2 boiled eggs with this one.


Dinner: 200 grams cooked or steamed fish or 150 grams of red meat or 200 grams of cooked vegetables

Protein Diet Considerations When doing


The meal you need to pay attention to during this diet is always 5 hours past. The most ideal is to eat this diet list in the morning breakfast at 8 o'clock lunch at 13.00 dinner at 18.00.


You can consume sugar-free tea, coffee and green tea as you are hungry.

8-10 cups of water for a day during the diet

One hour walk per day during the diet should be carried out every day.

We have given you a list of 3 different protein diet, you can apply for 1 week from these diet lists.

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