homemade pancakes

Homemade pancakes breakfast How to make pancakes in our house easily, how to make a pancake or pancakes, here's the recipe;

Ingredients for breakfast pancakes recipe

  • 2 eggs
  • Slightly less flour than 2 cups
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Butter or liquid oil for baking

homemade pancakes

Breakfast pancakes recipe made

  1. Whisk thoroughly until there are no lumps of flour, milk and water to prepare the pancakes recipe.
  2. Add the eggs a little more clap. Paste in a smoother consistency than cake dough.
  3. Put butter or liquid oil up to 1 teaspoon of Teflon pan and irritate it.
  4. Release 1 Scoop pancakes dough by pouring the pan.
  5. Bake on medium heat until light blush by turning both sides.
  6. Our pancake recipe is ready, enjoy it.


Making a good pancake takes more dexterity than a mixture. You will need to practice a little. Meanwhile, if you do not put salt in the dough, you can also consume jams or chocolates. And the salty lovers, I propose a cheese hug. Enjoy the breakfast pancake recipe for everyone who will try

What about the recipe for pancakes without milk?


Those who are allergic to milk can prepare pancakes in the same way and with the measurements instead of using water, or you should consult the doctor before the water can be used instead of soy milk, subject to these issues.

How to make pancakes dough?

Firstly, to make soft pancakes, the consistency of the dough must be quite runny, the size of the flour or the egg, of course, the most reliable measure is the size of your hand, the eye is your decision. If you make a pancakes dough like that cake dough, it's hard to do fine soft pancakes as I mentioned. Other than that, maybe he's avoiding the eye, but the frying pan is very important. I am using the casting pancakes pan while making pancakes, the edges of the pan should not be high or it can be difficult to dial. You need to use a non-stick pan, I'm afraid I couldn't love the ceramic pans that are very popular sometime. I guess you can decide for yourself by trying the most suitable pan but. But I would advise you to have a pancakes pan in your kitchen that you will use only for this job.


Tips for baking pancakes, how to cook pancakes?

Another important issue when baking pancakes is the temperature of the stove, so you have to adjust the heat so that the cooking time does not grow, nor does it burn like you spilled pancakes. If you spill the dough, the temperature is too high, and if it's burning without draining it, we don't want it anyway, but if the temperature is too small, this time the cooking time is prolonged and the pancakes becomes stiff. Usually the first cooked pancake is cooked for a little longer, but it's 2. And later, they cook in almost equal time and faster, you can immediately turn the dough into a short time after pouring the water. For this I prefer to use a thin silicone spatula tip. In time, you will see that the appropriate consistency of the dough with the experience is cooked rapidly at the appropriate temperature.

Can you make different pancakes with this pancakes recipe?

Of course, you don't just have to eat these pancakes for breakfast, you can prepare countless different pancakes recipes with the same pancakes. For example, you can prepare a large number of different recipes such as chicken pancakes, mince pancakes, meat pancakes, pancakes with vegetables, pancakes with mushrooms, and pancakes with cheese. After you have prepared your inner mortar, you can fill in these pancakes and bake them.

Other than that, I cannot pass without saying, pancakes or flan are made in saline, but it is delicious with jam or chocolate for breakfast, so I advise you to prepare the salt with a flick. Dough I don't feel the need to put sugar in, I'm already tasting it with honey, jam or chocolate.

This dough can also be prepared by adding chopped parsley or dill, parsley pancakes or dill pancakes.


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