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how 69? The oral sex that a part of a man adopts as the art of contemporary lovemaking continues to be a space for many women and men still with problems. In numerous magazines, books and scientific researches about sexuality, oral sex is preferred, it is a part of the sex fever that increases and therefore everyone is enjoying it. However, there may be concerns and concerns arising from lack of knowledge because of the fact that everyone is away from the likes and pleasures of oral sex. However, the oral sex, which includes the oral and sexual organ contact, can participate in the wonderful flavors of lovemaking.


What is Oral sex?

Oral sex is an art. It is a highly natural, scientifically described and accepted sex technique that is performed in the form of stimulation of sexual organs through mouth.


* Your teeth should be considered during Oral sex, penis or vagina is not pain or damage.


* When the man is prematurely discharged or loses the hardness of the penis and can not continue to intercourse, he or she may discharge her by oral sex.


* Oral sex without inserting anything into the vagina does not harm the Maiden's dice.


* If there is no special situation where premature birth and low risk and sexual excitement are prohibited by gynecologists, the pregnant woman can be oral sex every month.


* Oral sex should be strictly adequate cleaning. Washing the inside of the vagina before Oral sex makes burning in the vagina, damaging the vagina or making the anxiety difficult. However, since the sexual organs are in an indoor and stuffy environment all day long, they must be washed with soap, not to miss a lot of water and vagina.


* Blowing the air in the vagina can give the woman pain or pain while doing Oral sex.

* During Oral sex, a woman can swallow her sperm. It doesn't get pregnant like that. Besides, men are incredibly psychologically happy.


* Liquids secreted from the vagina during Oral sex are normally harmless and do not carry germs. You don't mind if the man swallows these fluids.


* Oral sex gives pleasure if it is made with mutual request and coercion.


* Mutual oral sex is called "69 position" among the public.


* During oral sex, there is a possibility of disease contamination through blood from small wounds in the mouth. There are several sexually transmitted diseases with ingested sperm and, in particular, the possibility of catching the HIV virus.


Benefits of Oral Sex


It doesn't cause pregnancy.

It doesn't hurt virgins.

It gives sexual pleasure.


The drawbacks of Oral sex


how 69


The germs of sexually transmitted diseases in the special secretions of sexual organs can make the disease because it is suitable for both sexual organs and oral microbes. Especially the wounds in the mouth, inflamed gums and teeth can create more suitable environments for germs to reach the bloodstream.


Women and men who have performed Oral sex become more late and power orgasms during intercourse.


* After paying attention to the necessary cleanliness, oral sex should not be interpreted as disgusting.


* Couples can find and develop positions that give each other more pleasure by having regular oral sex.


* Oral sex is definitely not a sexual anomaly or perversion.


* While most men enjoy sucking on their penises, only a few of the women like to warn men that way.


* The man is particularly sensitive to kissing, lying or absorbed in the head of the penis. The woman is extremely sensitive to kissing, licking, and sucking clitoris especially.


How can a woman have oral sex with a man?


* As the man examines the female vagina, the woman should examine the penis and touch it, and watch how the penis with blood fills up and grows hard.


* The penis, which is then soaked by lying tongue, should be taken into the palm of the palms and continue touching and should be read through the groin.


* Meanwhile, the ovaries that are just below the penis should be gently and carefully taken into the palm and tightened lightly. Because the ovaries are very delicate.


* Meanwhile, the penis must be bleached and lie down as if it were entering the same vagina. In the meantime, the area near the penis should be particularly lying andflattered. Touching this sensitive area where the nerve endings are dense can create a self-adhesive sensation for men. Men love these touches that cause them to freak out from excitement, heart rhythms and breaths are accelerating.


* Also in men, "penis head" is much more erogenous and sensitive. These are seen when the penis is tried to be inserted into the mouth more eager by the male. When a man squirming with excitement, the penis can be removed from the lips and re-landed on the ovaries and lies.


* Then the ovaries can be read in tongues by taking the mouth.


* Immediately after leaving the penis again, a hand is held and the penis head is taken between the lips. Slowly advancing towards the end of the penis.


* While the penis is being taken between the lips, the same rhythm is tried to be caught by hand.


* Furthermore, the region, which is the most pleasurable region of men, is the "perinine" that is between the ovaries and the mine, and should be subjected to slight pressure.


* They are moved back and forth while the teeth are not in contact with the penis.


* When it comes to the top of the penis wrapped in hand and lips, the woman must suck it like she wants to unload it and make it look very smooth.


* It should then gradually advance towards the root of the penis again. When it comes to the consistency of ejaculatory male ejaculation, it must be predetermined in advance where it will go.


How can a man have oral sex with a woman?


* Vagina is not only for penetration i.e. penis-vagina relationship. To date, men who use the vagina only for the merger should first follow the vagina before oral sex begins. The vagina is not just a pair of upper lip and vaginal puncture.


* To fully see the vagina, the partner's legs must be opened sideways and their lips and folds should be examined. When doing so, it should be as close as possible and try to touch it manually, caress the lips, and feel what is touched.


* At this moment, it is the right thing to do to men to kiss the vagina that has the most beautiful ejaculation ever. The man should start kissing his partner as if he was kissing his lips. The lips can be absorbed as long as it is not too severe.


* The vagina must be lied to the most recent point starting from the bottom of the vagina, i.e. clitoris.


* Then the small chickpeas shaped protruded by separating the lips, i.e. the clitoris should be slowly lied to by tongue strokes. Women are very fond of it.


* The most important sexual touches a man needs to know is to point to the G... The male must touch with circular movements, as it makes a gel mark with a single finger to the G-spot hidden inside the vagina, which is sufficiently lubricated by the touch. In the meantime, the clitoris should not neglect to continue to stimulate the language. The fingers that are put into the vagina should be gently played occasionally and the touches on the inner upper part of the vagina should continue rhythmic. In this way, the touch of both the clitoris and the G point, or the language pulses as a result of the women experience a strong ejaculation.


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