how does tinder work

how does tinder work? Tinder is the name of a location-based mobile social search app that allows users to communicate with each other and interact with them. The application is very much used for flirting at a rate. The application that was incubating in Hatch Labs in 2012 has been in use since 2012, although its popularity has been quite popular since 2014, especially when it crosses the border of a billion stripping (swab) a day.


How to use Tinder Tinder is a fairly simple application. After installing the program on your smartphone, you connect with your Facebook account and create a Tinder profile with the photos you choose from here. By taking your name from your Tinder account, it shows to other users in your profile, but other users can't access your Facebook account.

When it comes to how Tinder works. By considering some of the search criteria that you can change (male/female, the current location is only available when you pay for Tinder, such as the search radius and age range), it brings you a single profile. If you assign the profile to the right, you indicate that you are like this person (like), and if you assign it to the left, you pass this profile (nope). If your "liking" person is also attracted to you, you are matched (match). The system allows only matching people to be messaging. From now on, the rest is up to you.


We will return to the topic of how Tinder works, especially the list of people that come to you. But first, let's see why Tinder is so popular.


The priorities are based on the visualization, which is the most fundamental characteristic that Tinder is looking at when choosing a relationship. Although you can write your profile with other features and criteria in writing, the main theme is how you look. But the main innovation is the message mechanism with Tinder matching. As long as you don't like one person, that person can't text you.

Now let's talk about some other basic tinder functions.


Super Like a relatively new Tinder feature. When an A person is super like a B, he sends a message to the Tinder B and reports it to be super like. To be super like, A person throws up a B or presses the star-shaped super Like button. Then, when B person reaches the profile of the A, by making a right/left shot in Tinder, he sees this person doing super like.


how does tinder work


Super Like is not limitless in a paid app but when it's over, you can get the money.

Another feature that comes when you pay the fee is to undo (rewind). When you used to take one person to the left, you couldn't go back and change your mind, but with the rewind feature, you have a chance to go back and change your decision.


How the Tinder algorithm works


This is not the official description of Tinder, but the results we made from the Internet and our own experience.

First, some basic information:

1 – Tinder shows users one profile at a time, but thousands of people in any area are using this app at the same time.


2 – Tinder does not show each user the same list in the same order.


3 – Tinder is more successful than other applications as the ratio of showing you more attractive male/female profiles.


4 – Tinder shows different users attractive women/men profile (the difference is that it depends on the user's own appeal).


5 – The Profile ranking algorithm is constantly changing.



At the moment, Tinder's profile cards are very predictable. The first 10 – 15 profiles are generally more attractive to people than the general population. After that, if you have a high rate of "likes", these likes show you the profiles that have never had a match. If he doesn't like you very much, Tinder continues to show you a list of those who have never had a match, but it shows less attractive than the list of highly acclaimed people.


The reason Tinder is showing more attractive people in the beginning is simply to encourage users to meet the very attractive people here.


Tinder had previously liked you in the first place, but in this case, especially the most admired (most women) profiles opened the program and they were constantly getting match as the profile was like. And this is the pleasure of the incident. When you open Tinder, the algorithm today shows you people who don't like you yet (or even fold your profile), and these profiles are also interspersed with the likes of them. So you can also see more profiles.


Lottery score: Very likely the Tinder user profile gives some kind of attractiveness score. This would also be very unlikely that it was not a simple "most like field" score, but the program would have an unrealistic advantage for long-term use. Our estimate is that it is not a simple algorithm, and that more attractive people like what they do (Google PageRank vari) is a logic.


The effect of being online: Tinder probably shows the profiles of online members more to other users. It makes sense, because it's more likely that the matching people are online at the same time. This also means that you need to be more online to get more matches. But of course that doesn't mean you won't take any matches while you're offline.


Selective: One of the theories about Tinder that is probably a share of reality is the effect of your selectivity on your match potential. So if you're the one who's always like you (i.e. if you're not picky at all), you probably don't look at the top of anyone's list. So be discreet and be a little selective.

Another factor in which we think it works is your speed of liking/passing. Are you the one who never looked at profiles, second photos, Instagram links? In this way, you may be eager to get the most out of the profile with the serial finger movements, but it's probably the opposite of the user lists that are showing you.



How to succeed in Tinder?


Beautifully photographed photos in the light of the above theories (see How should the Tinder profile be?), good and fun written profile articles and general methods, such as "Sex Yapak mi lo?", which comes in front of each other, we think that the following will be important in your success:


1 – If you think the app shows you a lot of non-appealing profiles, probably the Tinder algorithm thinks you're not very attractive. Try to change the photos you put in with better.


2 – Be active. When you say active, do not jump to the profile jump, like such lunatics, tied to the series. This will reduce your success. Enter Tinder too much, but slowly jump between the few and the profiles. You will often enter the application within your day and evaluate a small number of profiles at each entrance, enter the app several times a week and give you better results every time you enjoy hundreds of profiles.


3 – Use Super Like. This will throw you at the top of the tail.


4 – Use Tinder Boost. One of the reasons why men don't jump right in Tinder is because of the number of men who like attractive women, the majority of men can't even be displayed to make women right-to-left. So the tail is long. Therefore, when you jump boost, the pairing rate is 8 – 9 times. If you use regular boost, you will increase your chances of pairing even when you don't use boost because your match count and therefore increase your charm coefficient.


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