how effective is the pill

how effective is the pill? The effect of drugs containing methylphenidate or dexamate usually shows itself after the intake of pills or capsules in 30-45 minutes. In short-acting medications, the maximum effect is approximately 2 hours to 4 hours. After 3 to 7 hours, a large part of the effect of the drug is observed to decrease. In many children, the effect of drugs that have a short period of time (in the mornings) of a one-time daily intake, school lasts until noon. In children with older age, if the school is driving late, it may be beneficial to take medication once in the afternoon. Excessive ADHS-for children showing symptoms, the drug may be required to be taken again at noon or afternoon.

It is possible to take a drug that has a long-lasting effect, rather than taking a few times during the day. Effective for a long period of time, the effective substance within the pill or capsule is caused by slowly dissipation of the body. There are many medications that are effective for a long time, and they differ with the dispersion structures of the body. So according to the doctor, he must decide which slow-dispersed pill to write.


Psychostimulances are written in a special prescription to prevent abuse of this drug. But they don't make the person who uses these drugs addicted.

The effects of methylphenidate and Dexamilias are very well researched in children older than 6 years old. The drugs containing methylphenidate are 70 per cent of children showing symptoms of excessive adhs, which are greatly reduced by these semtoms. The problem with the use of drugs as a result of the child's concentration, hyperactivity, disturbing inappropriate and impulsive behaviour may decrease. But medications only show the effect as long as they are taken. Therefore, it is usually necessary to take several years of medication.


The positive results of the drug treatment are usually valid for children with severe ADHS-Septomar. These children are children who demonstrate extreme motoric mobility, concentrating problems and impulsive behaviour. These results do not apply to children with mild adhs symptoms. For these children, it is not usually necessary to treat medication.


The effect of the drug containing the atomoxin (Strattera) does not immediately show the first day, usually after 6 weeks. With a treatment trial in this drug (German: Behandlungsversuch), the dose of the drug should be increased slowly. The effect of atomoxin usually shows the whole day. It is not necessary to use a separate prescription for atomoxin, because there is no danger of abusing these pills. For Atomoxate, a long-term therapy (German: Dauertherapie) time is required and the occasional drug cessation experiments can be done.

The German drug User Guide generally recommends Psychos (Methulphenidate) as the first medication that should be used. But the atomoxin may also be the first choice in some cases.


According to expert sources, the use of Dexamiliac's drug, methylphenidate therapy (Atentin ® also accompanied by the treatment of atoms) should not have enough effect.


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