how fast does hair grow

how fast does hair grow? Human hair grows to an average of 1.25 cm per month and the amount of elongation for each region of the hair is the same. Nutrition, general health conditions, drug use, age, hair care and environmental factors can be effective on this elongation time and amount. In general, cosmetic products that say that it extends the hair faster do not have an effect on the process of elongation, but with a regular look at scalp and hair follicles, hair can be more healthy and less breakage of the ends .


Hair elongation Stages

Hair grows in 3 stages. The first stage is the Anagen stage, which can take up to 2-6 years for the hair to grow actively. At this stage the hair follicle cells actively work and allows the hair to elongation under the scalp pushing out. The second phase of the "Katagen" phase of growth stops and the final stage of the "Telogen" stage is falling to ensure the emergence of new hair.


Hair elongation and nutrition


Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that we receive through nutrients have a significant effect on hair health. The first symptoms of vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may occur as a result of insufficient nutrition can be seen on hair, nails and skin. The hair becomes frozen, the spills are increased, the ends are broken and the longer it takes to elongation. E, C vitamins, biotin, keratin and gelatin are essential in terms of hair health and since it is taken on a regular basis, it makes the hair look healthier by feeding from the inside.

Natural Care for Hair elongance


It is not possible to shorten the length of hair elongation time or to extend the hairs faster, with cosmetic products or natural care masks. However, if you show your hair the essence you need, you can have long hair as soon as the broken ends are reduced and you will need to get less of these fractures. For this, you can moisturize your hair with natural oils such as olive oil and almond oil at home.

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