how is a baby made

how is a baby made ? We all know that a man must be sexually involved with a woman to form a baby, during this relationship, that the male's sperm fertilize the woman's egg, and eventually the egg settled in the womb gradually transformed into a human cub.

We know that... It's not always that easy.

Many doctors find it normal for a couple without any health problems to get pregnant for six months or even a year ago.

Of course there are couples who have problems having children, and fortunately modern medicine--not all of them--to solve a lot of problems, allows many couples to have babies. (My wish is that anyone who wants to have children)

This post is a friendly warning/recommendation to those prepared to try this job naturally.


1. Congratulations! So you decided to join the Güruha, who said, "age is in the belt, we'll mingle with the child."

2. Are you sure? Look, there's no turning back after entering this path; From me.

3. Joke joke. It's nice to have kids. Where were we? Yes, how to make a baby?

4. First, determine if your menstrual cycle is regular. As we learned in the biology classes in high school, there are a few things you need to keep in mind from the theory that ovulation occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle:

5. Sperm can live for two to five days in the body. The egg lives for 12 to 14 hours after ovulation occurs. So what to do? She must be sure that the sperm is waiting there right after she lays eggs and eggs.

6. What does that mean? Some sources--these resources are usually the spouse/friends who are waiting for the news of the child-they believe that "how much sex is so much luck". In theory, of course, there is a proper correlation between sex and pregnancy, but in practice, it can work like this. Indeed, the quality of sex when trying to get pregnant is more important than the kantite.

7. In short, you don't need to be together in the morning because I'm going to get pregnant. On the contrary, it is known that it has also reduced the quality of the male sperm, especially during these periods of continuous sex.

Our doctor has 28 days of menstrual period and 14. In the day, he suggested to us: 12, 14 and 16. Sex in the days. Don't do the research. Don't waste the sperm. Let them accumulate, multiply. (although this is a bit of a mechanical description, we came out of the homework mode that we entered in the first three months, and nine months after we sat on this suggestion from our doctor, he was in the sea. But of course, these important days will change according to the period of the woman's menstrual periods)

8. If your menstrual period is not regular, you can get the ovulation kits sold in pharmacies. These kits give you an idea of when you're going to lay eggs by measuring some hormone values in your body. And you will increase your chances of being together before and immediately after.

9. Whatever you do, try not to do this job as a task. That's where it really tastes. Make yourself comfortable. Go out to dinner. If you want to have a drink. If necessary, Miss Victoria's Secret models.

10. Enjoy unprotected sex. Enjoy being together without worrying, "Did I take my pill today?"

11. No matter how much I say this, but I'll tell you anyway: I did, don't you. Don't start testing a week before your period, "Do you have it?" "What if it comes out?" and then stop testing, if possible, wait for the delay of your reglet. Then you pity the money you put in those tests, don't say you didn't.

12. Do not be obsessed with this subject. Your chances of getting pregnant are completely inversely proportional to how obsessed you are. That is why many couples who have no medically-identified problems, but who cannot conceive, are fully abandoned-even pregnant at the point of their adoption.

25% chance of success of a couple who can keep the right timing on their first attempt, without any health problems. This may seem like a low probability, but you can increase your chances with fewer accounts, lots of fun and a few suggestions above

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