how is a black hole formed

how is a black hole formed ? Black holes can occur in several different ways. The first of these roads is the collapse of the stars. If the internal pressure of a skyscraper cannot overcome its gravity, the star begins to collapse. If the star's mass is above a certain value, there is no known mechanism that can stop the collapse. In this case, the star's collapse will result in a black-in formation. Massive black holes in the center of most galaxies are probably formed this way.

In the age of our lives, the high densities that could cause black holes to occur are only available in the stars. But shortly after the Big bang, high concentrations in various parts of the universe could have caused the formation of black holes. Estimates made using the conditions in the early universe may change between the masses of black holes, the Planck mass (approx. 2x10-8 kilograms) and the mass of the sun (approx. 2, 30 kilograms) to thousands of times. .

In addition, the mass of smaller black holes than the Planck mass can occur during the high-energy collisions of particles. But there is no consensus on the correctness of these conclusions based on some theories that are still under development.

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