how is a canyon formed

how is a canyon formed  A deep, narrow, winding bull that is carved into the ground of a flow of water is called the "Canyon". The canyons are mostly in the dry areas where the water flows very rapidly and the rain cannot soften the bed of the river by raining. The rain in the rainy regions softens the soil, two sides of the river bed, taking a sweet slope of the valleys, the canyons are not found in these areas. The depths of the canyon exceed thousands of meters, but for centuries after the continuous wear of the riverbed. Canyons are one of the most spectacular natural landscapes worth seeing on Earth.

The canyon is most common in the western parts of the United States, Mexico. The most famous canyons in America, the Grana Canyon (Grand Canyon), where the Colorado River was formed; Yellowstone Canyon in Yellowstone National Park; Black Canyon in Grunnîson (Black Canyon); Stop the canyon of Snake River in Oregon. In some parts of the Colorado Grand Canyon, it's more than a kilometers deep, the width ranges from 3 km. to 30 kilometers in the upper sections. The depth of Snake River Canyon is the average 1,600 m.

Some canyons, which are similar to the large canyons formed in the land in terms of depth and shape, are also in the depths of the seas. The sea canyons of this kind are most found in the depths of the ocean, on the front of the major continents. Most of these canyons occurred in regions where large rivers, such as the Hudson River, were poured into the sea.

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