how is a chicken egg fertilized

how is a chicken egg fertilized ? How many days after the rooster is copulate with chicken, how are the eggs fertilized? The formation of eggs in chickens, insemination and ovulation of eggs...

Let's learn about the stages of the breeding of chickens, starting from mating to the onset of the chick embryo in the egg:


Chicken with rooster mating

The sperm transferred from the rooster to the chicken does not immediately go to the ovarian canal. They have to come a long way. Sperms reach the destination in a period of approximately 7 days and 10. So we have to understand that for a long time, a chicken without a rooster would be fertilized with a rooster today, and the eggs that he would spawn for the next few days will be still without fertilization. Chicks don't come out of those eggs. We have to wait at least 12 days to get a more precise result, to take the fertilized eggs of this chicken.


Egg formation in chickens and fertilization of eggs


1-each reproductive cell of the chicken in the ovarian organ of the chicken develops egg yolks. The reproductive cell of the chicken is on the outer surface of the egg yellow, but underneath the egg yolk membrane called "vitelline". When the egg yolk comes to the appropriate size, it is transferred out of the egg to the hopper shaped ovary canal.

2-egg yolk on the ovarian canal waits for 15 minutes. Fertilization takes place in 15 minutes. The ovarian canal also consists of the hanger bonds of the egg yellow (chalaza). The sperm bearing the reproductive cell of the rooster are combined with the breeding cell of the chicken, passing through the membrane of the egg yellow. Thus, two reproductive cells unite and lead to the Metamorphosis, the zygoot occurs. This is a single cell of Zigot. This will consist of chicks. The Zigot cell begins to multiply by dividing it with the effect of the body temperature. Since the beginning of the divisions, the name is no longer a zigot embryo. When the chicken ovulation, the development of the embryo stops in a cooler environment. If the weather is too hot, the development continues.


3-then passes to the other part (Magnum named organ) for the creation of egg whites. The egg whites around the Magnum will take up to 3 hours.


4-Then, this new formation is nicely packaged slowly through the narrow canal called "Istamanda". So it's covered with inner and outer membranes. This process takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The egg is the first shape we know. and is transferred to the other section for the crustacean.


5-the egg that has completed all the formations except the outer shell will wait up to 21 hours in the "rag" that develops the lime shell. In this period, the outermost surface is coated with hard grip. The egg is now ready to spawn.


From where the egg yellow is held for 15 minutes to fertilize, the time required until it is laid out is approximately 25 – 26 hours. So the egg is fertilized one day after the fertilised.

The image that represents the formation of the egg in the reproductive organs of the chicken and ready to spawn:


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