how is a metamorphic rock formed

how is a metamorphic rock formed

What are the factors that are occurring, what are the causes of the Metamorphosis stones (rocks)? Information on the characteristics of the Metamorphosis rocks.

Metamorphosis (metamorphic) slides; In the case of pre-existing rocks, temperature, pressure, and chemical phenomena, they undergo metamorphfi(metamorphosis), resulting in a variety of types and characteristics according to the chemical composition of the rock that they formed with the degree of metamorphism . Metamorphic rocks don't contain fossils. They are crystalline like solidiation rocks. They are also similar to sediment rocks because they represent a layered structure.

There are types such as mikaist, Slate, amphiolithic, gnays, Marble, quartzite.

Marble, as a result of the metamorphfiof limestone and dolomite,

As a result of the Granithin metamorphfi, gnays

Quartz-rich rocks, as a result of the fiof the Matemoration, the quartzite,

As a result of the fiof the Claystone, the schist is formed.

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