how is acid rain formed

how is acid rain formed It occurs because of the burning of fossil fuels. Click here to learn more about the fossil fuels that make up the acid rain. It's made of air pollution. This can happen in different ways such as snow, fog, rain. It usually occurs in the form of rain. Normally, the PH value of the rains is known as 5.3-6.0. But if the rain is less than PH, we can understand that it's acid rain.

how is acid rain formed ?

The main reason for the formation of acid rains is people's insensitivity. There are two main chemicals that cause air pollution in the formation of acid rain. They are sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen (NOX) ' tour. Acid rains, which are negative impacts on the environment, are composed of sulfur and nitrogen from burnt fossils. It creates clouds by reacting with sulfur and nitrogen, water, oxygen and oxidants. This mixture creates a solution of sulphuric acid and nitric acid. Sunlight increases the proportion of these reactions and falls to the earth as precipitation.

Stoichiometric equations for the formation of sulphuric acid:

  • Burning fossil fuels emits sulphur dioxide: (coal) S + O2. So2
  • Sulfur dioxide reaches the atmosphere to form sulphate ions: 2sos2 + O 2.2 SO3
  • sulfate ions, combined with hydrogen atom and sulphuric acid are formed. This then falls into the earth as "acid Rain": SO3 + H2. O, H2SO4

Acid rain Effects

In the last few years, acid rain has become one of many ecological concerns. There are negative effects of acid rain and these effects can be seen in many areas.

  • The acid rains slow the growth of trees and plants, and disrupt the appearance and health of trees and plants. Acid rain, especially the leaves yellow.
  •  The stones and metals exposed to the acid rain begin to deteriorate and the dye goes out. There is also the same situation in buildings and monuments. Therefore, it harms historical artifacts.
  •  Swimming in lakes containing acid rain or any water is very dangerous. It can cause irritation and damage to the lungs.
  •  Acid rains fall into lakes, streams and seas, leading to deterioration of acid balance in water. So it affects the fish. Health problems can occur with people consuming these fish.
  • §The sulfate in the air can cause cancer when taken with respiration. Therefore, you should be careful not to take a walk in these situations.


What is acid rain? How does it occur? What are the effects?

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