how is cheese made

how is cheese made? The taste of yogurt and cheese made from fresh milk is still in our palate. Especially the milk-scented, refreshing cheeses... Recently this tradition has been a little forgotten, filled with more industrial cheeses to our tables. But none of them can substitute for those cheeses. So come on, let's start making our own cheese at home. No, no, don't be afraid. We're going to share everything from the most basic cheese making to milk selection, a little more as you progress, from cheddar cheese to curd cheese.

So let's start making delicious cheeses that you will have the right to say, "I did it."


Raw or pasteurized: how important is milk selection?

Before we start making cheese, we want to clarify one of the most curious subjects. One of the most asked questions when making cheese while eating yogurt is "pasteurized milk or raw milk?" Our choice is to use raw milk. Because raw milk is structurally more suitable for cheese making. Pasteurised milk is free from all germs, longer lasting milk, but through many processes, they are structurally undergoing major changes. Therefore, it becomes more difficult for yeast to hold or to make unleavened cheese.


It would be the most logical way to use the milk you are confident from where you trust, the pasteurization process in your home. So if you want to make cheese at home, keep your raw milk at your fingertips. Thanks to raw milk, you can easily reach your desired results. You are likely to be disappointed when performing these procedures with pasteurized milk.


You have two choices: is the cheese unleavened?


Before we go to the production of cheese, we want to clarify another matter. When making cheese at home, you can get your cheese in two different ways. You can also prepare your cheese without yeast as you can by using Maya. When you use Maya, you can supply it as a "cheese yeast" from a local or organic products shop that you trust and have a yeast near. The procedure will be a little longer when you want to make it unleavened. In this case, you will need to use ingredients such as whey, lemon or vinegar.

So don't worry about your yeast. You can make cheese like that. If you have a bathing suit, you can make delicious cheeses in a more practical way. But always be careful about Maya. Be sure to choose the yeast stored in healthy, unspoiled, right conditions. Now that we know about this, we start making cheese...


Let's start with the classics: How to make curd cheese at home?


Goat Lor Cheese


Sometimes due to the structure of the milk, because of the imbalance of the temperature, the milk is cut to boil. The milk is not spilled at this stage, they are made of curd cheeses such. Lor cheese has less calories than other cheeses, because it contains less fat. It would be an exquisite preference to consume curd cheese especially for those who are dieting and want to keep their weight under control. Here's how it's done. The process begins when the milk is cut.

Let's start by counting our materials:


Ingredients: (for approx. 150-200 grams)

  • 1.5 kg. Raw milk
  • 1 lemon or 1/2 tea cups apples, grapes or vinegar that you wish
  • 1 teaspoon salt to sweeten


Construction: Transfer your milk into a deep pot and start boiling in low heat. Let your milk begin to boil. Then add lemon juice or vinegar and stir. You will begin to observe the cuts, the breakations in your milk. Boil for a few more minutes after you start seeing these cuts. With the help of the Kevlar, start collecting the cheeses towards the edge. After collecting all the cheeses, take it on a clean gauze. Place the filter under the gauze. Put the strainer and gauze on a deep container. Tighten your water nicely. In this way, soak all the water in the gauze until it is filtered. If you want to sweeten, add salt at this stage.


Your curd cheese is ready when you glide all the water. You can store the curd cheese in a lid container, storing it in the refrigerator. You can consume with olive oil, thyme, and taste. We recommend consuming it in a few days because it does not contain any preservatives. You can also use the remaining water in the pot as whey by transferring it into the jar for your next cheese productions.


So let's take those who want to try goat's milk with the recipe: Goat Loru Recipes

It's not as hard as you think: how to make white cheese at home?


So, every one of us has eaten in the morning breakfast, in dumplings, in the making of white cheese that suits the salads. Let's say from the beginning that there will be a tougher consistency and a more raw taste compared to what we buy from outside. What you need to prepare for this beauty will not be delicious.




  • 6 kg. Raw milk
  • 1.5 teaspoon cheese yeast
  • 2 tablespoons rock salt



Construction: Take your milk on the stove. Start boiling on low heat. After boiling, take it from the January. If any, measure with the help of a thermometer and allow it to come to 35-37 degrees. Then add the cheese yeast to the inside. Stir nicely. Close the lid and wrap it around nicely with the help of cloth or sheets. At room temperature, approximately 1.5 hours of bathing.


To understand the fermentation, simply open the lid of the pot, shake lightly, or immerse your pinkie finger in the milk. If it's more viscous than yogurt, it means it's done. Create tiny squares by gently throwing scratches with the help of a knife. Leave it again in this way for 1 hour.


Then take your cheeses on a clean cheesecloon. Hang it somewhere for the water to come out nicely. Put a container underneath. This way, rest until 3-4 hours. Then remove it from the gauze. Knead lightly on the bench and take between the two heavy vessels. Leave this way until 3-4 hours.

Then divide into chunks. Prepare a pickled water with salt and water and transfer them to the cheese. Close the lid of the container and lift it to mature the refrigerator.After a few days, you can remove the brine from the water and consume it.



Let's do a little professionalization: How to make cheddar cheese at home?


Homemade Cheddar cheese recipe

We start making cheddar cheese by applying all the steps we make in the making of white cheese. Also, perform the stage in which we cut the Cube cube after the first yeast. Then fill half of a deep and large pot with water. Heat the water to 70-75 degrees, and then add the diced leavened cheeses to the cube cube.


Stir nicely. With the help of a wooden spoon, paste the cheese into each other nicely in the water and make them become a whole. On the wire filter, take the cheeses that become a whole. Then, when the cheeses are hot, take a round shape and put them on the cutting board and knead for a few minutes. Get the excess water out and let it cool down. Fit in a round and deep container for shape.


3-4 hours after resting this way, consume it. You can preserve the Fridge wrapping your cheddar cheese with a stretch film.

Here's a description of the Shirden yeast: homemade cheddar cheese recipe


Now you can enjoy your breakfast table, keep your pajamas, and how to make delicious cheeses that will beautify all your food and recipes. Get the milk and the cheese at home!

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