how is chocolate made

It's not easy to prepare homemade chocolates, but it's fun. When you follow step-by-step chocolate recipe with lots of tricks, you have chosen the kind of couver chocolate that smells, shiny, broken, muted, and in the shapes you desire, bitter, milky and white chocolates You can prepare.

Remember: Chocolate containing vegetable oil more than 5% is not real chocolate.

How many people: 24

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes



• 300 grams

Bitter Couver Chocolate

For tempering process:

• 60 grams

Bitter Couver Chocolate

For Inside:

• 12 pcs


The trick


How to do it?

1. To prepare homemade chocolate; You have to melt the Couver chocolate that you purchased in small circles or as a block.

2. Take the pot that is filled with a small amount of water in the stove. Sit on the steel cup or pot to melt the chocolate. Melt the chocolate with the help of water vapor in the boiling pot in low heat.

3. The heat that you melt into the chocolate should be changed between 42-45 degrees, and the boiling water is 100 degrees, so the chocolate should never be rough. Otherwise, the melted chocolate is burnt from the edges; Taste, appearance and quality vary.

4. With the help of a spatula at low temperature, stir continuously from bottom to top to smooth the chocolate you melt until it becomes smoother, take it out of the January and sit on a separate bowl.

5. Another process: Reduce the temperature of the melting chocolate at a maximum of 45 degrees to 32 degrees before making the shape. In order to enhance the taste, color and texture positively, it is called tempering the chocolate cooling process to deliver the necessary brightness and stiffness to the appropriate temperature.

6. On professional machines, cold marble countertops, microwave oven and chocolate with extra chocolate to easily be able to temper at home.

7. Get the chocolate that you added by the stove and melt the chocolates that you add to the dark chocolate that melts in me about 20% of the time, and then mix it from bottom to top.

8. If the chocolates you add are melting pretty quickly, the temperature is higher than 32 degrees, so keep adding chocolate and stir.

9. Finally stir the cocoa butter in chocolate as fast as 1 minute to crystallize and gain intense brightness.

10. The melted chocolate, which comes from a certain intensity and falling to a temperature of 32 degrees, is ready to get the new shape.

11. Fill the chocolate you melt up to half of the chocolate molds in the shapes you desire. In the middle portions of the chocolate, one pistachio or almond, cover the frosting with chocolate.

12. To remove the air bubbles and get filled chocolates, tap the molds twice on the kitchen counter.

13. Remove the chocolate from the moulds to the refrigerator to get the thickener after carefully removing the excess chocolate that has been moved out of the mold with the help of a silicone trowel.

14. Remove the chocolate from the moulds that are sufficiently cooled and ready to be separated from their molds, and separate the moulds individually.

15. Share different shaped chocolates with your loved ones at the service plate.

Service recommendation

You can prepare different chocolates by adding spices such as dried, cinnamon, cardamom, anise, as desired.

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