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how kiss? To start kissing, you can first show that you're ready to kiss or give some signs you want to kiss. You can pin your gaze on the lips of the person in front of you. You can gently leave your lips, and you may bite your lower lip by looking at the person in front of you.

You can use peppermint sugar or mouth spray to make your breath a fresh smell, moisturize your lips with cream, and look more attractive to the person in front of you.

To start kissing, you can also measure the reaction by gently kissing the opposite side or the point where the lip ends, and let the situation flow.

You can make sincere compliments to the person and warm up the environment. Lower the tone of your voice, cut your eyes a little bit and you can tell him how beautiful/handsome you are, how much you like it, how you love it, and so on.

Or you can ask the person you can't kiss and kiss him directly. If all your other initiatives are not beneficial, you can take risks and express your intent. But you have to make it a romantic way of expressing it. For example, "I wouldn't want anything but to kiss you right now" or "a little too blunt, but I really want to kiss you so much" you can set up sentences.



What are the methods of kissing?

For a better and soulful kiss, you can follow these steps:

1. Leave your lips loose. Your lips will have a slight gap and the looseness would be a sign of intimacy and openness.

2. Give a few light kisses. Start with soft and slow kisses first, don't make a language or dental contact. If your partner is positive, then you can perform French kiss (kissing language when kissing).

3. Make sure that the kiss does not sound when kissing, it can be disturbing. If the sound comes out, move your lips a little further and soften your movements.

4. Try not to drool. It's a very uncomfortable thing to drool over when you kiss your partner. If you notice that your lips are too wet, gently retreat and swallow your saliva.

5. Fasten your lips. If your first kisses worked and there was an emotional attraction between you and your partner, try snapping your lips: Take your partner's upper or lower lip between your lips.

6. Make sure you can breathe. You should be able to breathe lightly from your nose while you kiss, if you can't breathe from your nose, try breathing by giving your partner a few seconds of small twees. Feel free to take a break to breathe, if you're breathless, your partner might be uncomfortable thinking you're nervous or very excited.

7. Feel free to use your hands. When you kiss, you can put your hands on your partner's shoulder or waist lightly. Usually, women kiss their hands on men's shoulders, and men are at the waist of women.

You can pull your partner towards you with a slight gesture. Gently put your hands on your partner's face to caress the cheekbones or jaw with your thumb. You can also touch your partner's neck and gently caress the bottom of his hair.

8. Try using your language. While kissing in Western culture, using your tongue is called French kiss.

When your lips are clamped, gently touch the tip of your tongue to the language of your partner. It would be better if you did it slowly. Consider the reaction of your partner. You can use your language more if it responds to you.

9. Increase intimacy by giving small tweas. When you kiss, stop at certain intervals, look into your partner's eyes, or whisper something in your ear. This will make you feel special and enhance the romance between you.

How should the first kiss be?

You can make sure you have a partner you can rely on for the first kiss. The first kiss is with someone you trust, it will relieve you of the excitement of the first kiss. If the person you are kissing for the first time, show him patience and understanding. Askyour partner to do the same.

The first kisses may be a little strange, but never think it'll break your relationship. Laugh. You don't have to act like an experienced person in your first kiss, and everything will be fine.

Make sure you brush your teeth well and your breath smells good. Moisturize your lips. This will increase your confidence in your own way.

Don't rush. You can only experience the first kiss once. Enjoy the moment you're in and try to enjoy the experience you're experiencing.

If you wish, leave yourself to your partner, let him lead the kiss. If you are very excited and nervous, you can leave yourself to your partner until you trust yourself and feel comfortable.

When you're confident, you can take risks and try to take control, new techniques. If your partner doesn't like it, you should see it as an experience and don't stand on it.

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