how long does the flu last

How long does the flu take? How do we get rid of the flu?


how long does the flu last? The flu season was opened with the cooling of the air. Even if we were to sit in a warm environment and open the window for air, it was months before we got sick. So how many people think the first ' flu passes ' and ' how long the flu lasts '? He started looking for answers to his questions. People who try to spend the flu treatment with food and drink with their own facilities are curious about the food and beverages that are good for influenza disease. And how does the flu go? What foods and beverages are good for flu sickness? How long does the flu take? We've gathered the details for you in our news.

how long does the flu last

Due to seasonal transitions, people are getting flu disease and their prescription medication, as well as the question of how the flu passes, good food and beverages are thoroughly investigated. The most important feature of this virus is that it can be in contact with people very quickly. We need to be most careful with people in contact. How long will the flu take?

Because the flu virus is a shape-shifting virus, we can be caught up again every year. Because the virus has altered shape, the body's immune-sparing flu is now lost.


The flu poses a great threat to certain age groups. The flu generally poses a great risk for children under the age of 2, people above the age of 65 and pregnant women. Influenza is a disease that needs to be considered more than those of age groups to bring people to the grave consequences.


Symptoms of Gribin

Although there are many symptoms that you may encounter with influenza disease, the most common symptoms include:

The current in the nose,

Pain: Especially in the head, muscle and joint pain shows itself,



Sudden fever,


Dry cough

Warning: Flu and colds are different diseases. These two diseases are not the same disease.


How the flu goes faster


The most accurate and most beautiful way to protect from influenza disease is to stay away from the environment where healthy food and flu people are located. But if you're caught in the flu, unfortunately, there is no immediate solution. So when you go to the hospital with a headache, you can have a headache in half an hour with a drug. But the griper treatment is done to shorten the healing process and to reduce the effect of emerging symptoms. How many days will the flu take to determine the answer of this question. So what precautions can we take for the flu, and what should we pay attention to when we get caught?


You should stay away when you see someone with flu sickness.

You should wash your hands often,


Stress is another factor that triggers the flu, avoiding stress will be a shield against the Gribe,


You should not use someone else's belongings, if you are a student, or do not use the pen of your colleagues in the school, or not the towels of people you live in the same house,

You should eat healthy and orderly,


Don't spoil the sleep pattern, you'll sleep long enough. Because the rest of the sleep is weak, and one of the most rapidly settled in the flu virus is the weak-fallen.


You should get plenty of vitamin C. (Rosehip, Orange, kiwi, strawberry, grapefruit...)

You should avoid extreme temperatures.


If you're caught up in the flu, you should rest a lot.

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