how long eggs boil

How long eggs boil. With its unique taste, the eggs come from seven to seventy, at the beginning of all of our favorite foods. We consume the egg in most breakfasts and boiled. To reduce this effect of the egg, which is the most economical and beneficial protein source, you need to be very careful with the cooking and cooking time.

how long eggs boil

How many minutes is the egg boiled?

Egg from the shelf: to bake the egg as a shelf, it is sufficient to wait 3 minutes after placing the stove. If you can't adjust the time this way, count to 100 slowly after the water starts to boil. With this method, the egg will be shelved.

Apricot Egg: For the egg to be in apricot, the egg is left in boiling water and boiled for 5-6 minutes. Then the egg is kept in cold water and thus the apricot is cooked in the consistency.

Solid egg: When the egg is in boiling water, it is cooked as a solid in more than 12 minutes.

It is very important to set the egg's boiled time well. If the egg is boiled for a long time; The sulfur in the yellow iron and white unites and consists of a greenish ring around the egg yellow. We mustn't eat these cooked eggs. Therefore, the egg should not be boiled for more than 15 minutes. Otherwise, the effect of the vitamins in the egg disappears. For a healthy diet, eggs must be consumed every day and the egg's boil time should be very careful.

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