how long is the great wall of china

how long is the great wall of china? The length of the Chinese wall extending to the southwest by crossing the north of Beijing and dividing the Huang-Ho river in half is 2551.8 kilometers longer than it is estimated, although it is specified as 6,000 km in many sources, 8851.8 km. The 6,259.6 km of it, the walls, the 359.7 km of trenches, 2,232.5 km of natural defense barriers such as slopes and rivers creates.

The foundation of the Chinese wall was laid by more than 20 kingdoms. The length of the wall is 6,000 kilometers along with the collapsed parts. The thickness and height of the wall of China varies according to the location. Some parts of the wall that are not formed from the bricks are made of non-force material and the wall length is very short. The aim of the weak walls is to slow down the escaped enemy.


The height of the wall is usually between 4 and 6 meters and the thickness ranges from 6 meters to 7 meters. There is a watchtower at a distance of 200 feet and a lighthouse tower at a distance of 9 kilometers. There are also palaces and temples on the wall. The Chinese wall was chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of the World on July 7, 2007. The Chinese wall extends throughout the northwest of China. It's the longest defense wall in the world.


Unknown features of the wall of China

China Wall, one of the longest in the world, was made against the Turkish flock from the north. The length of the wall, known as the Chinese Wall, is only 6 thousand 270 kilometers long. The construction lasted more than 2,000 years and the official end date is 1644 years. One of the unknown features of the wall of China is that 8,000 people have worked in the construction. The news from the moon is completely legendary. Thousands of workers who died during the construction of the Chinese wall were buried in the building area. It's even said that some of them are buried inside the walls.


Why was the Chinese wall made?


The most important reason for making the wall of China is the stopping of the Turkish tribes, continuously evolving in the north and regulating the influx on China. The Chinese wall, also made to prevent those who want to flee the country due to the political structure of the country, has facilitated the capture of the fleeing and the order.


how long is the great wall of china


Where's the China wall?


The first part of the Chinese wall is in Po Hay Bay. He divides the Huanh-Ho River after a wall passing north in Beijing, and continues. It extends from this alignment to the southwest of the country. When he arrives in the Gobi Desert, he continues from south to west. The Chinese wall is in a thin, long river view when it is taken from space with the line it draws. According to some researchers, the Chinese wall does not appear from space.


The architecture of the Chinese wall

Wall thickness and height on the wall of China are changing throughout the wall. The base is around 6 meters in the upper parts of the Chinese wall, which is around 7 meters. The height of the wall is 10 meters on average. In the thick parts of the wall, horses and cars can pass. The thick walls also have archers ' holes and trenches. There is a lighthouse tower on the wall every 9 kilometers. At 200 meters, there is a watchtower. The highest point of the Chinese wall is the Heita mountain in the vicinity of Beijing. The wall located here remains at an average height of 1500 meters above sea level.

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