how long to bake chicken

how long to bake chicken? Chicken is one of the foods that we can see in many recipes, which makes it delicious to taste many dishes. In many ways, chicken can be cooked, soft and wire wire is boiled in the desired situations. After the chicken is boiled, the chicken broth is also very useful and tasty, so it is possible to use chicken water instead of water from the flavour of the food. For the boiled chicken, which can be boiled as a whole, it is enough to boil for 40 minutes in the pressure. Because it is boiled in plenty of water, it is one of the things everyone can do easily, because there are no possibilities such as burning or holding the bottom. The important thing is that the chicken has a soft baking, the boiling time is further extended than the water amount.

Chicken Scaling Time


For the chicken to leave its oil and flavor in its water and boil it softly enough, it must boil. The most beautifully boiled chicken in the pressure is also healthier than frying in oil. If the chicken is to be boiled in a normal pot, the 40 minutes should take up to 1 hour. Although the cooking times of the chickens sold in the markets are short, the cooking times of the chickens that grow in the villages and organically qualified can find hours. Therefore, the characteristics of the chicken, which affect the duration of the boil is among the factors.


Chicken boiled Tricks

Although the chicken is boiled, the chicken is poured in the pot and the water can be spilled and cooked in pots or pressure, there are also some specific tricks of chicken scaling. First of all, the water that is obtained after the boiled chicken broth to assess the various dishes must be clear and clean. Before it is boiled, the chicken must be washed under plenty of water and once it is passed through the front water. The chicken broth, which is very useful, can be evaluated in soups and dishes, while the boiled chickens are more delicious.





Whole Chicken

1,2 kg


60-90 Minutes

Half Chicken

680-800 gr


60-75 Minutes

Chicken Breast (Bony)

About 230 gr

Directly / Indirect

30-35 Minutes

Chicken breast (without bone)

120-180 gr


10-12 Minutes

Chicken Wing

75 gr

Directly / Indirect

30 Minutes

All geese

5-7 kg


3 Hours

whole turkey

7-12 kg


3-4 Hours

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