how not to be boring

how not to be boring? It turns out that people who do not think critically about the world around them do not talk much in chats. Experts say that such people generally approach the events with a limited perspective and are categorized as 'boring people'.

Most of the people found boring around frequently repeat behaviors that are perceived around them in daily life. It is known that it affects negatively the people who meet with the same characteristics such as repeatedly telling the same story, not keeping the conversation long and constantly talking about themselves. Especially when it comes to constant boredom, it turns out that other people are less excited. In a review of the British Independent newspaper, 15 items were found indicating that people were boring.

1- They can not make balanced conversations

2- They do not care about the body language of the other person

3- They do not make other people laugh

4- They will not find anything to say during the conversation

5- They always do the same

6- Does not have its own ideas

7- They can not tell a good story

8- They can not offer anything new

9- They can not look at events from the standpoint of the party

10- Sohbete do not include others

11- Improvisation can not chat

12 - Monotone tone

13- Continuous Negative Thinkers

14- They repeat themselves

15- Always bored

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