how old am I

how old am I? The Age calculator also selects the date of birth as day, month, year, how old you are, what day you are born, how many days you have left to enter your new age, and you can calculate your horoscope in a practical way. Also, I'm telling you the details of how many days you live, how many hours, how many minutes, how many seconds you're currently in, what percentage of your age you're in.

What is age

From birth to the time we are in and measured by the year unit is called the age of meaning.


Age Calculator

The phrase "not at the age of Wisdom" is one of the important values of our culture. Nowadays, it is necessary to be an individual to make their own decisions. Because of this, teenagers under the age of 18, when I will grow up, when I turn 18, one of the biggest reasons for questions is the curiosity of obtaining a driver's license.

How is the age calculated?

Age is a time unit that is determined by the year, which is used to describe the time that we live from birth to so far. We start life at the age of 0 (zero), 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and by the end of the 12th month, we enter our first Age. The birthday was also invented by mankind to make every age unforgettable. The subject of our account is to be considered: The age we receive on the day of the year is expressed as the age of the days you have terminated from birth until now.


Sample age calculation; Born on November 16, 1988, the age of April 25, 2017, is 28, not 29. The completed age is 28, and the age of the day is 29. The age of the day is the age when it is filled in and the age of 28 is filled when the person comes to the day of birth. Later on, the new age-taking cycle began.


Do official institutions consider the age of the day?

This issue will be made clear by official authorities. For example, in the age criteria given to the exam applicants for April 2017, the following statements may be included: "Not having received a 24-year-old" in this case, 1993 births are not allowed to take the exam in 2017. The people who were born after April as a month are geniuses. For example, a person born on November 18, 1993, may not be 24 years old as of April, but is not allowed to take the test for the year.


Therefore, the answer to the question of which age unit is valid in the official institutions is included in the announcements made by the official institution.

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