how old is the earth

how old is the earth ? The world is the same age as the sun, so about 4.5 billion years old. Besides, the age of the planets in the solar system is almost identical. Because the solar and solar system, the celestial bodies formed from the same gas and dust clouds.

4.5 billion years can be counted half the life of the world, because our sun has come to half of its lifespan. The type of scientists and

By looking at the size of the sun, they have calculated that our solar life is about 9 billion years. We can say that the rest of the world's lifespan is 4.5 billion years, as the sun starts to die and destroys the world and other planets.

The world will live for a long time, but the natural destruction that people create can also bring the world into a place where people cannot live in a future that is not too far away.

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