how paper is made

how paper is made? Paper is an indispensable part of our lives. The paper is flattened and consists of plant fibers that are passed together. In general, products such as wood or cotton are used to do so. The construction of the paper consists of coating with glue, pigment and mineral fillings after the process of lowering and aligning one plant to the fibers.


Phase stage of paper

how paper is made


The first phase is the tree cut. The raw of the paper is a tree. The tree is cut into a log.


Peeling of the crust; The bark of the tree, which is turned into a log, is robbed without damaging the inner part.


Making dough; In this process, the tree is made of loose fibers in the water. The shells that are peeled are first divided into small small pieces. At the later stage, chemical substances are mixed in a grinder.


In this way, the substance called Ligni, which helps to keep the fibers in the tree together, is dissolved.


After this stage, the dough is whitened.


Mixing process; The dough we have is mixed. So he goes into the blender. Here are the ingredients that increase the quality of the dough paper. These substances; There may be white fillers like Chinese lime, and the color pigments used to withstand water can be. The fibers in the mixer are made smooth.

The liquid is poured onto a walking bendin where the dough is stored. The purpose of this process is to purify the dough from the water.


The water is compressed with the help of the dough cylinder taken.


The additional cylinder dough continues to compress the function. After this process, the dough is freed from the water and straighter.

The dough is then dried through the hot cylinders.

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