how snow is formed

What is rain, hail and abdominal formation? We'll brief you on how rain-filled snow occurs.


how snow is formed? In this article we will talk about the weather events occurring in the sky and how the abdomen is formed. Although it is a type of precipitation, there are features separating the rain and the snow from each other. For; The rain is solid in the liquid snow. Now, let's examine how these types of precipitation occur.

How the Rain occurs


With the effect of the temperature, the water vapor rises to the sky, which intensifies and creates droplets of water. These droplets of water come together and descend into the earth as Rainflakes. This weather event is called rain.


How the snow occurs


The water vapor in the sky is suddenly exposed to the cold air wave and transforms into ice crystals. These ice crystals come together and descend into the earth as snowfall. In the meantime, the reason for the warming of the air is the absorption of ice crystals.

How hail occurs


Unlike the snow oil, it is the kind of precipitation that occurs when the water vapor goes down to the earth and is exposed to cold weather and returns to the ice balls. So icing is not in the sky, but on the ground during the fall.


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