how to boil eggs

How to boil eggs The Egg protein Depot is a wonderful food that is indispensable for our breakfasts. How many minutes is the egg boiled? In our illustrated narrative, we explained the process of doing this with pictures. Depending on the time the egg is cooked, it differs from runny, Rack, apricot, solid egg, very solid egg. When making eggs, the 1-2 teaspoon (the amount varies according to the number of eggs you boiled), the salt layer will prevent cracking while cooking, keeping the egg whole. Or a small hole with a needle will do the same.

how to boil eggs

Egg cooking Times

Runny egg

Runny egg; The flux is soft, the yolk is very rare and the egg is in the fluid consistency. Put water in the pot, start to boil the egg, then cook for 2 minutes, after the Bolin the water. Then, with the help of the spoon, be careful not to close your hand, remove it from the pot and soak it in cold water or tap water. Your runny eggs are ready.

Egg from shelf

Egg whites cooked from the shelf, the yolk is a viscous egg, put water in the pot, put the egg in it, and bake for 3 minutes after starting to boil. Then soak for a few minutes in the water that you fill in the faucet to avoid further cooking. Your eggs are ready from the shelf!


Egg in apricot consistency

White is well-cooked, the yolk is soft, apricot-colored egg. Take the egg to the pot, pour water over it, bake for 4-4.5 minutes after boiling the water. Take the punishment and put it in a bowl full of cold or tap water.


Solid Egg

Solid egg white and yolk is a very cooked egg. After taking the egg in the pot and boiling it, bake 5.5-6 min. Take it to the cold water.

Very solid egg

Very solid egg white with yolk is a very overcooked egg. If you put the egg in a pot and boil at least 7-8 min, 12 min, then your egg is ready!


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