how to buy ripple

How to buy ripple? With the quick and tip of money transfers, Ripple is the third largest crypto money title. What is ripple, the highest output in recent times? Is Ripple, a global payment network, going to throne bitcoin? How much is ripple worth? Where and how to buy ripple?


What is Ripple?

In 2012, the ripple was developed by Arthur Britto, David Scwtz and Ryan Fugger; A non-profit crypto currency can also be defined as an international money transfer network that makes money transfers fast and inexpensive. Ripple; Distributed financial technology ensures that banks can send real-time international payments between networks. Ripple traded in markets with the acronym XPR; It bears the title of the third largest crypto currency following the Ethereum.

In 2012, the first in the United States, Ripple, is based on Blockhain. The Ripple network, working with the ECDSA and ED25519 algorithm, is stated to be a deal and test stage in 20 banks when trading 17 bank transactions. Finally, Akbank Ripple, which is located in our country, started international money transfers. He has managed to become one of the 4 largest enterprises with an investment of 90 million dollars.


What's Ripple's purpose?

Chief cryptography expert David Schwartz is about ripple; "Today's payment systems are like e-mails at the beginning of the ' 80s. Each provider established its own system for its customers, and if people were using different systems, they could not interact with each other easily. The system is designed to connect different payment systems. "he explained.

Ripple; It has been released to prevent transaction delays, eliminate transaction fees, facilitate international money transfer transactions and serve the financial market. Ripple aims to shake the throne of payment systems.

The Ripple network is designed to allow uninterrupted transfer of any currency, regardless of whether it is dollar, euro, pound, yen or Bitcoin currency.


What are the features of ripple?

Ripple has a decentralized network with a single-accuracy source and cannot be traded. This makes transactions safer. PII data is only in your bank, allowing you to protect your transaction privacy and identity privacy.

It is capable of linking financial networks while providing transactions without requiring a third person for banks trading on different networks. It is also very easy to integrate into existing systems.

Banks, including the Ripple network, are able to transfer money between each other at a fairly low cost. An average cost of 0.0011 dollars per transaction from the Ripple network is paid. This value is approximately 0.0015 BTC for bitcoin; So today's worth about 3.5 dollars. In other words, a bitcoin operation is 3000 times more expensive than a ripple operation.

The funds transferred in Ripple are credited to the opposing party in 5-10 seconds. For Bitcoin, this process usually takes at least 1 hour; This time can be even more space. International transfers between banks and institutions on the other hand can find 2-4 days in the traditional financial system. With the introduction of the agents, it is also necessary to pass through a very costly and long transfer process. The Ripple network solves the problem of increasing remittance demand in the global market.

The people who send and transfer money via the Ripple network to the bank can follow the moment. Funds transferred to a short-time transaction result are first posted to the accounts of the parties. The movement of the Fund can be traced to both parties to ensure and guarantee the process.

Why should ripple be preferred?

Ripple; Unlike Bitcoin and other altcoin investors, it is purchased by individuals who want to manage businesses and their funds fast. Supporting all the currencies of ripple gives individuals the freedom to process.

The transfer of funds between countries takes a lot of time, and cutting high commissions is disrupting the global economy. The speed and expense of ripple is minimal, but it has the influence of the companies and the people who transfer money overseas, especially banks.



Central operator without direct bank Reconciliation

Admi centralist Network with a single source of accuracy

Process immutable and excess information



Complete transaction confidentiality for each financial institution

PII data remains behind your bank's firewall

Operations signed by encrypting using the ECDSA and ED25519 algorithms



The capacity to process the world's cross-border payments volume

Unlimited processing capabilities

An option to access liquidity in a competitive YP market


can work together;

Direct processing for banks working in different networks

Integration with existing systems and standards

Ability to connect traditional and emerging financial networks


What's the difference between ripple and bitcoin?

Ripple is like Bitcoin in many respects. Like Bitcoin, Ripple's XRP unit is a numerical currency based on mathematical formulas and includes a finite number of units that can be removed as a final. Both currencies are transferred from the account (peer to spouse or P2P) without needing a third party that enters. And both provide digital security against the possibility of counterfeit coins.


 Is ripple a rival to Bitcoin?


He positions Bitcoin as a complement rather than competitors. In fact, there is even a page dedicated to Bitcoin on the site.

"Ripple will open much more gateways for Bitcoin users and easier ways to bring Bitco to the mainstream financial world," says Stephen Thomas, a senior developer of the Protocol.

In addition to providing Bitcoin with more ways to connect with those who use other currencies, ripple promises fast operations and increased stability. Ripple, a distributed network, is not dependent on a single company to manage and secure the process database. Therefore, block approvals are not pending and transaction approvals can go through the network rapidly.

Another advantage of using peer-to-peer is the absence of a "central target or failure point in the system", he says, the supporters of Ripple.


How many ripple?

The company plans to create the ultimate 100 billion ripple. The company plans to keep half of this amount in hand, releasing the other half for circulation.


Where and how to buy ripple?

It's seen who took bitcoin and turned them into XRP. Those who are trading directly through foreign exchanges, this way we hear fewer problems.

How much is ripple worth?


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