How to do First Night

What to do first night

One of the most stressful situations where couples nest and stress is the fear of what I will do on the first night. Contrary to the need for sexual intercourse, the person may also emerge as a result of different emotions and motives. If you are not familiar with what needs to be done on the first night, you can check out our first night's content that we have prepared for you.

The wedding frenzy was the house of marriage preparations, and when you said it was his stuff, it was the first night's stress. Usually, 90% of couples can start the first night of stress. As a result of stress, the inability to engage in couples can arise.

To not face such problems, we strongly advise you to read the first night we have prepared for you.

What to do first night

You don't need to stress what I'm going to do the first night. After all the little tips we'll give you, you'll be relieved, you won't be alarmed what I'm going to do the first night. What I'm going to do on your first night is you need to relax and unwind first to throw away your fear.

When you come home, take a hot shower and relax first to unwind. By using your own instincts, you can surrender your first night to each other without having a ceremonial nature.

Forget the exaggerated rhetoric

Usually the first night fear is more in the girls. The most important reason for this is the knowledge of the ear and the exaggeration of them too much. Don't listen to these words. If you do this, you will not be able to remember your first night as a nightmare.

Hymen problem

The hymen are in a flexible structure. Therefore, the first night of the Maiden's dice may occur. Therefore, do not panic if the first night did not bleed in your maiden's membrane due to a rupture. This situation will occur later in the future. Here, most importantly, couples are tolerant and honest behaviour.

There's no such thing as the first night.

Wedding stress and fatigue may miss your enjoyment and cause you to be stressed. If you feel stressed and tired, you can also choose to hug your wife for the first night. And in this case, you won't be experiencing the first night's stress.

Prevention method should be planned

Before the first night of intercourse, birth control methods must be investigated, deciding how to protect the couple. If you are not asked to use a condom and are asked to be protected in any other way, consult a specialist physician and help.

One of the most important considerations for the first night is to keep foreplay long. You must kiss and caress your woman to get her tension and make the vagina wet. This will make sexual intercourse easier.

Stay alone

One of the most important situations that should be done first night is to stay alone. It is important to have a quiet environment where you will experience sexual intercourse.

Don't Act Coy

If you have a timid and shy structure, show him a different side the first night you get married. Note! The more you take care of yourself and the more you want, the more he will respect you.

What sex positions should be preferred the first night?

The first night is especially useful when you pay attention to sex positions. One of the most important things that should be done first night is to determine the sex positions in your mind beforehand. If you identify them, sexual intercourse will be easier.

Position on Leg shoulder

The position of the first night leg shoulder is especially among the positions that make it difficult for women to enjoy. Therefore, the position of the first sexual intercourse is not preferable to the leg shoulder.

Male Top Female Bottom

This position is located between the first night's leveled sex positions. The man's attitude is very important because he's in control here. Gentle and slow movements will facilitate the union.

Woman on top male bottom

The first night in this position is highly recommended. And even though she's on top, she can provide control in men. Both men and women can maintain control at this position at the same time.

This position is very important for the woman to be able to reach orgasm easily.

Fetal position

The fetal position of the mother's womb, one of the most innocent, purest of man, is one of the best positions for the first sex. An adequate male (14 centimeters and above) can have sex in the fetal position. Just go down a little bit and adjust the right angle for the merger.

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