how to download a video from youtube

How to download a video from youtube? How can you download YouTube videos to your computer for later viewing while you don't have an Internet connection? In this article we explain to you.

You can download YouTube videos to your PC via your web browser, i.e. without programming, or by helping a utility program. After downloading the video, you can copy it to your mobile device or keep it on your PC, and watch it again at any time. Here are ways to download videos from YouTube.

Note: Let's specify that Google and YouTube don't look hot to download videos. Downloading videos from YouTube means jumping ads, and when you download videos, content providers have blocked a certain amount of revenue and you will be violating Google's terms of use.

Download YouTube videos with takes the video URL from you and lets you download it in one of the formats you choose. You can also change the start and end time of the video. The Site can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Download YouTube videos with Keepvid

Claiming to support 10,000 sites, Keepvid can also download audio files beyond downloading videos. To download any YouTube video, simply paste the video URL and click Download. You have both video and voice-related download options. If you wish, the video is only one. You can also download it as an MP3 audio file. The Site requires Java to be installed on your system

how to download a video from youtube

Download with browser add-ons

By downloading YouTube videos with Web browser plugins, you download the download process for one step. However, because Google controls the Chrome Web Store, you may need to obtain the video download tools from outside the Web Store.

Download YouTube videos with Fastesttube

Fastesttube adds a "Download this video" link to all YouTube pages and you can choose between different formats and start downloading the video right away. The plugin is supporting Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Download YouTube videos with Video downloadhelper

The Video Downloadhelper, which supports a large number of sites, is added to your browser's Tools menu and shows a variety of format options when you come to a page with a supported VCR. When there is a supported video on the page, the icon for the plug-in begins to move. The plug-in supports Firefox and Chrome.

how to download a video from youtube

Download programmatic Video from YouTube

Or, with the help of programs you can download to your PC, you can download YouTube videos, perform conversions faster, or enjoy downloading multiple videos at the same time.

Download YouTube videos with Dlnow Video Downloader


Dlnow video Downloader can download videos from over 570 sites, including YouTube. If you just want audio, it can convert the video to MP3. You can download the video at the highest possible quality, even download live streams.

Download YouTube videos with Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake claims he can download videos from over 10,000 sites. When you download a YouTube video, you can select the format you want, save the links, and download multiple videos simultaneously. If you just want to download the music of the videos, Freemake Video Downloader can do it.

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