how to lose weight fast

how to lose weight fast. It's winter, and the women's unfinished problem seems to bring the weight with them. So if you are given weight in the winter, what is the fastest weight-giving diet, how can I weaken the question as to whether you are looking for answers to this news we want to take a look at. Here are 8 effective methods for giving healthy weight in winter...

How can I lose my weight, how do I get rid of the fastest, how do I lose weight in the winter, what do I do to lose weight, what are the most effective diets to weaken, what do you think of the shortest way to let this news come to you? Here are 8 effective methods to help you lose weight in the winter. Despite the privileges to lose weight in the winter, it is possible to take care of some tricks and reach healthy weight when the rules are applied, by stating that there are more than a few pounds given due to improper eating habits. The 8 most effective methods for healthy weight loss in winter have expressed the short days of winter and the early determination of the weather, reducing the habit of eating during the day, indicating that it may be possible to lose weight in the winter. This situation expresses an advantage in the winter to weaken,  "Despite the privileges that allow the loss of weight in the winter, the weight given due to improper nutrition habits is being rolled back in excess. It is possible to pay attention to some tricks and to reach healthy weight when the rules are applied, "he said.

how to lose weight fast

"Do not have to spend the winter season overweight "

The white cells that expressed the body's fat cells are divided into two, while the brown cells, in a short time, are trying to stabilize the body temperature, while causing more weight gain. "In winter, when the body feels cold, it activates the brown cells in order to keep the heat in balance. Thus, white fat cells are burned and exposed as energy in the body. This increases the metabolic rate. In winter, cold weather as well as winter vegetables could be utilized to lose weight. Root crops such as black cabbage, white cabbage, chard, broccoli, celery, spinach and leeks have an important role in weight loss. Because the root crops include two times the average more fiber than other nutrients, "he used the statements.

 "Don't punish your body by starving"

He said that it helped weaken the hunger for a long time, but the weight given by hunger caused the loss of water and muscle from the body. "At the same time, nutrients taken after prolonged starvation are spent working slower to sustain the life of metabolism. In this way, the body takes care of itself and stores calories in the body as fat. So when the body does not withstand such a nutritional habit for a long time and returns to old eating habits, the given weight is quickly rolled back. To try to continue the daily life by staying hungry; It causes problems such as fatigue, weakness, nausea and the smell of acetone in the breath, "he said.


"Don't overdo the Light food"

According to the reference products in terms of energy content, 25 percent of the oil is considered to be the light nutrient of reduced products  "Besides the energies of these nutrients, sugar and fat content is often reduced. The reason for the production of Light product is to reduce the amount of calories, fats and sugars that should be daily, but also to give the person a feeling of saturation thanks to the fiber content it contains. These products recommended for dieteones are consumed uncontrolled, instead of losing weight, it leads to weight gain, "he said.


 "Don't hang with a single nutrient."

Any nutrient that is seen and consumed throughout life is not superior to the other  "The beating of any food group negatively affects the health of the body and increases the risk of developing important diseases such as heart and cancer. Each type of food group has a distinct function for the body. No nutrients alone, extremely complex and systematic functioning of the body mechanism, does not have an effect that will allow for irregular and thorough operation. Therefore, the nutritional diversity should be important and adequate quantities of each nutrient group should be consumed. The Sofras should be prepared mainly for the fruits and vegetables of each color  "he said.

"Don't remove bread from your life "

Each nutrient has a distinct value, it should not be forgotten that it will lead to weight gain as long as it is not consumed adequately and balanced, said:  "If the bread is taken according to the needs of other nutrients such as the person is an unhealthy It's not food. In contrast, B group is rich in vitamins and is a nutrient group that regulates blood sugar as well as a feeling of toughness due to the complex carbohydrate it contains. mentioned as complex carbohydrates; Wholemeal, rye and full wheat bread. The amount of carbohydrates that a healthy person should receive daily is 55-60 percent of all nutrients. It is not possible to reach this orana without eating bread. When bread is never consumed, the weight gain will increase with the tendency of junk food and high calorie foods.

how to lose weight fast

"Do not accuse fruit of sugar content"

At the beginning of the foods that need to be consumed most when dieting, first explaining the fruits and vegetables and then the fruit  "should be known very well, it is not possible to be healthy without consuming vegetables and fruits every day. While dieting, fruit consumption is essential to a certain extent. Fruit sugar does not spoil the diet as intended. The important thing here is to consume the decision. Otherwise, the body deprived of the necessary vitamins and minerals will be damaged during the diet period. When dieting, the juice of the fruit should be preferred instead of itself. The fruit sugar separated from the fiber, then it will be greatly lost the benefit of the body  "he said.


Do not feel compelled to cut dinner after 18.00  "

He explained that each individual's lifestyle was different:  "Waking up in the morning, working hours and evening sleep are variable. It is important to lose weight when food is not eaten, how much nutrients are consumed and how much physical activity can be burned. This should be noted, dinner 3 hours before the time of the stay and the time of the meal should be completed before 2 hours. Diets are specific to the individual and must adapt to his daily life  ".


 "Do not consume acidic food on an empty stomach with the thought of oil burns "

The last of the 8 effective methods explained:  "In the society, when foods such as lemons and grapefruit are eaten on an empty stomach, it is considered to be debilitating and fat-burning, but no food in the literature and in the science World is evidence of the fat burning feature None. Lemon and grapefruit are foods that strengthen the immune system with vitamin C content. It can also help to lower the malignant cholesterol. However, acidic structures increase the stomach acid and evoke a feeling of hunger and adversely affects stomach health when consumed on an empty stomach. Therefore, in the morning, the consumption is suitable for intermediate meals, not on an empty stomach. Parsley, which is considered to be one of the oil-burning nutrients, does not have this feature. Parsley is a nutrient that is rich in vitamin C and is diuretic. Because of the loss of urine, the person feels eased. It has no effect on weight loss and decreased fat tissue  ".

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