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how to lose weight ? It's something that many people want to lose weight fast, get rid of weight fast. Well, what should be considered when you lose weight? What rules should be obeyed? What should we change in our lives? What should we do to be Fit and healthy? Here are answers to these curious questions...

In the Diet book published by Mayo Clinic, one of the leading healthcare establishments, aside from the diet myths that cannot be adapted to everyday life, it is easy to lose weight by getting a few healthy habits and leaving some nasty habits and the ways to protect this weight.

According to Mayo clinic specialists; All that needs to be done is to find the right foods, consume the pleasure of eating, spend the slimming process without getting stressed, learn to feed properly and not to return to the old bad habits.

Get these 5 healthy habits to lose weight!

In order to lose weight, it is said that you need to be committed to acquiring healthy eating habits and leaving the still life aside, and it is recommended that you obtain the following 5 healthy habits.

"Start the day with a good breakfast. No fruit and vegetables, no meals. Do not miss the grain from your table. Consume healthy fats like olive oil, avoid trans fats and saturated fats. Make sure you exercise every day and walk 1 hour every day if you can't do anything. "

The 5 bad habits that often appear insignificant and should be abandoned are as follows: "Never eat when watching TV. Remove the sugar from your life, and if you say "can't," take advantage of the fruit as a sweetener. Just Eat fruit and vegetables as aperitif and keep in mind that a slice of cake is equivalent to 4 apples. Stay away from the oily flesh, consume meat less oily or lean. Stop eating outdoors, especially in Fast food restaurants. "

"Why does the TV feed so much?"

' ' There is television at the beginning of the list, why not to eat in the face of television? ' ' The question gave the following money: ' ' people are practically hypnotized. He's making us motionless. The kids used to run and play on the streets. This is the main reason why obesity is increasing in our society, the inaction has increased. You can't adjust the saturation sensation or the amount you eat when you're in a fast way. 20 minutes after you start eating, the brain comes out of a sense of saturation. If you watch TV for these 20 minutes, you can't adapt to the amount of food you eat, and you may have eaten too much. You need to know what you eat, see it, taste it. The TV's blocking it. A very frequent mistake in children. Children should never be fed on television. Otherwise, it leads to major problems in the future. ' '

By stating that the secret of losing weight lies in deciding, ' ' If you think I will do this, you lose weight, but I'm going to go into this outfit, I have to get into my bikini, this wedding I have to prepare for the logic of the road is very troublesome, ' ' he said.

"We do not recommend to lose weight fast"

Life-style change and the issue ' ' diet ' ' is not successful in the weakening of the eyes of the ' ' in a week, 5 kilos, 15 kilos in 10 days, 20 kilos in 3 months, such targets do not. Because when you index the body quickly, you lose weight too quickly. That's why we don't recommend losing weight fast. It's a job that wants trouble. You must change your nutrition habits, ' ' he said.

During this period, the first 1 month of the most troublesome period, the body in response to resistance, and then stated that the bodies were used to it, said: ' ' in the newspapers, in magazines, especially in the pre-summer diet lists a lot of Will be released. If you apply them for 3-5 days, then you cannot adapt them to your life because they are not suitable for your lifestyle. Then he goes away without losing weight. So I need to be contacted by experts so that he can lose weight without making his life difficult, without the boundaries. ' '

"Diet lists should not be personalized PROGRAM"

One type of diets can not be achieved in gaining weight, individual programs should be implemented by stating, ' ' The person's working conditions, the things he enjoys, life-style, health status, such as the implementation of personal programs need to be applied. Because every body is unique, ' ' he said.

' ' Just boiled, eating only vegetables ' ' is not the right to experience such a nuisance, ' ' the greatest social dining in our life. When we meet our loved ones, we think about where we go, what to eat, what to drink. We have no right to take such a great social life out of our lives. But people think it's going to take a while on a diet. However, to make it a lifestyle, you need to learn to do it with the food at hand, ' ' he said.

At least 1 maximum of 5 kilos per month

A lot of people who are trying to lose weight experience difficulties with weight loss rate. Scientifically, it is normal for a person to lose at least 1 to 5 kilos per month. If you are very careful not to lose weight in these limits, here are 5 proposals that will accelerate your weight loss process from internal medicine specialist Dr. Ayça Kaya...

1. Start with salad and yogurt duo on your main items!

After finishing the salad and yogurt, go to other dishes. In our traditional dish shape, the soup comes before the table, then the main dish. Salads and yogurt often decorate the tableware as a helping meal and can not beat most of the time. However, if you start eating with salads and yogurt and after finishing them, you can eat less than the main meal with higher energy value. You get out of the table quicker than you can.

2. Leave the food with high carbohydrate value at the end of the meal!

Carbohydrates are the most important fuel in our body. A life without carbs is unthinkable. Especially the only fuel the brain uses is carbohydrates. Unfortunately, we consume more carbohydrates in our daily lives, and excess carbohydrates are being stored in our body as fat. We always try to consume food such as potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, pies, noodles, and always at least at the end, as well as as a helper dish. Let's not have this kind of food at the table at the same time.

3. Before dinner and for water during meals!

It was shown in many scientific research that it makes it easy to drink water before and during meals. Drinking water during and before meals shrinks the empty volume of the stomach, pushing hunger and eating less.

4. Don't sit on an empty stomach!

When the food is too hungry to eat, the amount of renewal is rising and the person is very difficult. If you feel very hungry, you will notice that if you consume foods such as milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, milky coffee, and milk, you can eat more quickly and eat less, just before eating.

5. Make more room for 5-flow food that holds more toughness!

Lemon: Always use lemons in your meals. Because lemon reduces the glycemic index of food, it helps to avoid blood glucose fluctuations, making you feel more and more.

Walnut: With good oils that include 2 walnuts that you add to your meals or salads, your stomach ejaculation will prolong your time and prevent you from being hungry quicker.

Bitter red pepper: it accelerates metabolism due to the capsaicin substance contained in bitter red pepper and increases fat burn. It's time to love the spicy food more.

Pickle: Probiotics in homemade pickle increase the number of good bacteria in the intestine, accelerate the evacuation, strengthen immunity and try to metabolize.

Yogurt: It contains conjugated linoleic acids to fight the fat around the belly. It makes it feel more fluid thanks to the protein it contains, and high calcium content accelerates the oil burn

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