how to screenshot on mac

How to screenshot on mac I remember when I first walked into Mac, I didn't know, I had difficulty finding some things... But as you look at it, as you read it and learn it, I understand it better every day that they are actually designed to be used in an easy and simple way. For example, when you take a screenshot, the person looking for a printscreen key with a habit from Windows is able to get much easier and more practical screenshots with a few shortcuts on the Mac...


how to screenshot on mac


Full Screen

When we use the command-Shift-3 shortcut, we hear an equivalence sound, and we take an image of the entire screen. We don't need to go right away and try to open a picture processing program, because MAC even saved it to the desktop as a picture file for us! 

how to screenshot on mac


A field of our own

When we use the Command-Shift-4 shortcut, we can see that our cursor becomes a plus sign. Press and drag to select the area where we want to take a screenshot so that we can instantly convert the space we want to the picture file, rather than cut it later

how to screenshot on mac

A single Window

After using the command-shift-4 shortcut for a nice surprise, if we press space on our keyboard, we can see that our cursor is transformed into a camera this time. By moving the camera over the window we want, we can take the current image of the window together with the shading effects. This little detail is so useful that once you've used it, I can tell you that people are getting used to it.

how to screenshot on mac

So what can we do to get a screenshot without creating a picture file on our desktop and paste it somewhere else? Very simple, we just need to hold down the control key in addition to the shortcut keys we use when taking a screenshot. Thus, a picture file will not be created, in our screenshot panel (clipboard) waiting to be pasted...

how to screenshot on mac

To summarize;

  • Command-Shift-3 Displays the entire
  • Command-Shift-4 with the desired area
  • Command-Shift-4 + SPACEBAR to capture the window we want, we can save it as a picture on the desktop.
  • If you add the Control key to them, we do not save it as a picture, we are able to instantly paste it anywhere.

Isn't it practical and easy?

Note: There is also an app called Grab to take a screenshot on our Mac, but we'll refer to it in another article.

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