how to take a screenshot on a mac

how to take a screenshot on a mac

How to take a screenshot on a mac windows users experience alienation when they switch to the Mac OS operating system, but when they get used to Mac, they understand how simple and fast they are for Windows.

How do I print screen on a Mac in Apple?

There are three methods for that.

To take an image of the entire screen: Press Command + SHIFT + 3 (Apple key + SHIFT + 3) simultaneously, and the MAC will save the screen image to the Clipboard so you can copy it.

To save a portion of the screen that you choose: Command + Control + SHIFT + 3 (Apple key + Ctrl + SHIFT + 3). With this pointer to the screen, a cursor will be saved to your desktop with the photo pick tone of the area you choose.


Especially if you want to get a specific active window Image: Command + SHIFT + 4 (Apple key + SHIFT + 4) When you press the cursor will change, then press space to turn the cursor into the camera and click the active window on the top of the table. PNG format.

Nothing is hard after you know it! :)

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