how unlock iphone

how unlock iphone?  After some time of tension between Apple and the FBI, I wondered if there was a way to unlock the iPhone, we moved and tried. We finally learned that we can infiltrate the iPhone without the need to decrypt it. Thanks to this method, we have learned that the FBI can also unlock the IPhone 5c they have in their hands without ever needing Apple. But apparently the FBI doesn't know about this.

Now, without further ado, let's start telling you how to unlock the lock on the iPhone right away.

How to unlock IPhone lock?


1. Swipe to unlock the IPhone, then press the Give up button.

2. Hold down your finger for a long time, and then let Siri show the time by saying "hours."

3. When Siri shows you the time, click on the time picture and try adding a new time by pressing the + icon on the top right-hand side of the screen and typing an Apple expert on its behalf.

4. Of course he won't show you a watch like this. Long click on the Apple expert post and press the Share button when the Share button is out. (If the Share button does not appear, try pressing the long press or twice.)

5. Then select as message in the Share section and type an Apple specialist instead of the one you send.

6. Click on the Apple expert article you just typed and press the Create new Contact button. Then go to the photos by saying "add photos."

If you press the home key after logging in to the photos or press the Stop button, you will be accessing the iPhone without entering the password.

We have received positive results on the iphones we tried. However, some do not have a share button in the Add Time section. We haven't found out why it's such a difference yet, but you can try to crack the IPhone's password by trying this method.

You can report your experience to us under this article.


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