how vpn works

how vpn works? VPNs (Virtual Private Network) allow you to connect to the Internet more securely over an encrypted connection, if you need to simply describe them.

VPN technology, which has been used for years, has recently been observed in the use of Governments because of factors such as online activity monitoring, service providers can sell user data and hackers can capture data.

Enterprise VPN

There are two basic types of VPNs: corporate and consumer. Enterprise VPN, also known as Remote access VPN, provides a remote, secure way to connect to the private enterprise intranet.

Consumer VPN

The second VPN type, consumer VPN, is the first VPN type that comes to mind when the VPN is called nowadays. Consumer VPNs are connected to a private network through an encrypted tunnel. Communication between the user and the VPN server occurs encrypted. The end of the tunnel is connected to the Web. Your service provider can only see that you are connected to a private server, meaning that it does not make sense of the data you transmit.

Benefits of consumer VPNs include:

• Stay away from monitoring service providers

• Higher security in Wi-Fi hotspots

• Access to Restricted sites by location

• Exceeding country-specific censorship

There are several ways to set up VPN for home users. These include installing VPN on the computer and setting up the router. When you install VPN at the router level, you can open the entire network via VPN without having to configure the devices individually. However, it is easier and simpler to configure devices only.

Performance issues

VPN connections are usually slower than normal connection. The reasons for this are the encryption and decryption processes, the geographical location of the VPN server is far away, usually in another country.

And how will you understand if your VPN is functioning properly? First, you can test the address if your IP address is leaking. If you don't see your service provider's IP here, if you only see the IP for the VPN service, then your VPN setup is working correctly.


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