kissing? How do you kiss a good Time magazine's latest scientific article? . We don't have a suitable guide for everyone because the feeling of kissing is shaped by emotions; But there are clues obtained from scientific research, of course... However, kissing is not an Olympic sport that points to 1-10. Most of it is personal preference. As you start to recognize your partner, you can be sure to kiss better.


1-First of all, let's face it: kissing is important and special!

No one can give a clear answer to the question, "How should a good kiss be?"

Although a good kiss can never be memorable, or even sometimes become a great part of your life.

It is also really ' something special...

Remember; Julia Roberts, who plays as a prostitute in the ' Pretty woman ' movie, had a rule to kiss lips with her clients.

Avoidance of kissing lips lip, the ' oldest profession ' is a common rule for a long time among women who perform.

The social scientists, Joanna Brewis and Stephen Linstead agree; They say that the women of life put ' ban on kissing '.

Because kissing is something that requires a true desire and love to a partner.

Therefore, it is possible to escape from the client's lips and keep their emotions out of the business.


2-The more you kiss, the better your relationship.

The research says that the frequency of kissing is about to go well with the relationship.

In short, a pair of kisses is so happy!