liquid diet

How to make a liquid diet? Weaken 20 kilos per month with liquid diet

Liquid diet those who want to weaken fast! How to get 20 kilos per month with a liquid diet? You can try our list.

You can drink 2.5-3 liters of water throughout the diet and make your walk at least half an hour will help you lose weight easier.

You can lose 20 pounds per month by feeding as follows for 1 month. Never apply this diet list or any diet without consulting your doctor.


1 cup orange juice or apple, peach etc. any fruit juice

1 cup lemon water

6 pieces hazelnut or 1 walnut (30 grams walnut 80 calories 5 grams 1 piece hazelnut 14 calories)

Intermediate meals

1 cup milk

Lemon water up to the


Lean until, salt soup

Light buttermilk till

liquid diet

Intermediate meals

Fruit juice until  (if you wish a single fruit mixture)


Half-pack light Labne cheese (brand name does not matter)

Juice until

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