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Lose weight. You can improve the quality of your regular exercise by creating an oxygen environment in the body. You might have the chance to look much thinner than your weight on this. During the exercise, it is 250 ml every 20 minutes. drinking water will also allow you to exercise longer. Do not forget, plenty of water and breathing is enough to take. I also recommend you to remember that the best way to lose weight is to have a healthy meal.


How many meals should he eat to lose weight fast?

In general, the rules that individuals hear and try to lose weight are six meals . However, healthy individuals never need 6 meals. Because some often eat hormones, leptin, especially the satiety-providing hormone, creates an unusual imbalance in the balance of the pressures and the body's insulin, which leads to the eating impulse. The number of meals in a balanced diet for fast weight loss is 4. You can lose weight quickly by eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner. If you take care of eating between meals for at least 3 hours and at most 6 hours, your metabolism is regulated and accelerates weight loss by establishing body energy balance. 

Lose weight

Do you drink a lot of water to lose weight?


I would like to explain to you more about a diet lie that you have always heard. Even a healthy person can not lose weight by drinking a liter of water a day. The purpose of our water drinking is to maintain the body water balance and ensure the continuity of the environment necessary for your body to function. You can drink 8 glasses of water a day. But if you want to increase your fatness, not lose weight, we recommend you drink at least 13 cups of water. You can drink up to 2 tea cups of black tea a day to reduce your body resistance when you lose weight. For the continuity of our metabolic movements, we recommend that you drink no more than 5 cups of green tea. Here's another key point! Do not drink coffee, do not believe in the. Drinking filtered coffee up to 4 cups a day will speed up your weight gain. The ingredients called caffeol and caffeol will help you lose weight.


Suggestion: We drink these drinks at least one hour after lunch. Thus, the nutritional values ​​are not lost. 

One of the practical ways of losing weight is walking ...


The biggest mistake many people make when they lose weight is to do the fast tempoda walks. If you want to lose weight and do not stop your weight gain and want to look slimmer, choose a slow tempoda walk. With a slow-paced long walk, you burn 70 percent more fat than you normally do. We will walk you at least 70 minutes at the minimum, 4.0 to 5.2 in the walking band. You will do it four times a week, with the help of your healthy diet, which starts with physical activity, and accumulates in your stomach and hips. 


Use oxygen well and lose more weight


If you want to have more fat burning while exercising, you should definitely develop a technique that will give you plenty of oxygen. The easiest way to do this is just to breathe through the nose during the exercise. 


Eat pistachio nuts so 15 do not pass

What you eat at break times is important when you lose weight. The perfect source of copper and manganese it contains in its first meal, Antep peanut is one of the rare nutrients that makes it easy to satisfy even with so little food. 


Another effective weight loss proposition is to reduce the salt!

One of the most important nutrition mistakes made is using lots of salt in meals. Many people add salt to their food, thinking that salt needs come in contrast to what's supposed to be. In fact, you will meet your daily salt intake with foods. Remember that 1 gram of salt is about 200-250 ml in the body. holds water.


Noon vegetables accelerate your high protein diet to lose weight

When we look at the weight gainers, we usually see both the lunch and dinner vegetables. They often try to achieve success by eating two meals rich in protein. But the two days after the vegetable shortness of time, fatigue, hair and eyebrows fall, noticeably reduced, while the weight loss process falls into 3-5 weeks. Do not do this! With only meat and varieties, two meals rich in protein, you will lose a lot more weight than vegetables. Eat vegetable, yoghurt, bread and salad, fish / chicken, bread to the palm of yours. 

Different foods every day for breakfast increases weight and speed of meal

Eating different foods in the work done will remove both the monotony and allow all the loved foods to be eaten. But the workers have proven that different foods have different benefits beyond these two emotional states. Always consuming the same foods unfortunately does not lose weight. This diversity will play a key role in making you fast.



 What do you need to do to lose weight fast?



"I'm drinking water!" measure your metabolic rate if you say


You are constantly on diet but you can not lose weight ... You are eating the same food as the other members of your family, but you are the only ones who are losing weight and you think that everything you eat is back in excess weight. The way to get rid of this is first to learn the true speed of your metabolism.


Ideal diet should be planned according to your metabolic rate


In order to achieve weight loss in an ideal way, the individual needs to be fed according to the 'Basal Metabolic Rate'. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMH); Under basic conditions it means the energy spent to maintain basic metabolic events (respiration, circulation, gastrointestinal activities, muscle tone, protection of body temperature) and to maintain the functions of various organs (kidney, liver and endocrine glands). If the person is fed under the BMH, water and muscle loss occur instead of ideal fat loss, which causes the person to lose weight unhealthily, thus the quality of life in the daytime drops. Weight reduction is inevitable for those who are weakened in this way.


You can not lose weight if you are on a continuous diet


Those who constantly diet, trying to control the weight but on the contrary believe that they are constantly getting weight, do not really realize that metabolic rates are slow. Everybody's metabolism is different. Among the factors that determine the rate of metabolism are; age, sex, body weight, body size and composition, hormones, diseases, menopause, various medications used, diet and physical activity. Therefore, the person must measure the rate of metabolism before weight gain. In many centers, metabolic rate is calculated by formulating in body analyzers. However, this may not show the exact rate of metabolism. There may be a calculation error of up to 500 calories. Our hospital is using the latest technology to measure the true metabolism rate of a person without any error margin


It should not be forgotten; if fed to the person's metabolism; loses muscle and water instead of water, achieves ideal weight, improves body function and brings quality of life to perfection.


Measure your metabolic rate in 15 minutes, plan your diet


In order to measure the rate of basal metabolism, the patient is required to have at least 8 hours of fasting and comfortable clothing. Before the measurement begins, the person lies on a bed and rests for 10 minutes. At the end of this time, his heart rate slows down and he rests. After a special mask is worn, it is requested that the person breathes normally for 15 minutes. Depending on the average oxygen consumption, breathing rate, breathing frequency and average oxygen concentration of the body, the metabolism rate is measured most accurately. This gives the data about whether the person's metabolism is working fast or slow. Depending on the metabolic rate, the person's nutrition program is adjusted. If the rate of metabolism is slow, accelerating methods are recommended. If the person follows the given feeding schedule, it is absolutely possible to get the ideal weight.


5 strategies to lose weight


There are many ways to lose weight, of course, and the proposals are changing day by day, renewing. We have compiled what we find most important for you. Do not say "stereotype", "out of date", listen.


1- Be careful of your intestines


There are many books written on the diet and intestines in the market. Scientific research has exploded in recent years, showing that diets and supplements do not have tops to manipulate our microbials. So your digestive system is one of the most important parts of this job, attention.


2- Approaching weight as a business


According to The New York Times Well blog editor Tara Parker-Pope, the "design thinking" strategy can help engineers and those who are trying to lose weight as much as entrepreneurs. Bernard Roth from Stanford University says, "We have the power to renew our ideas." After reaching Roth's goal, he realized in his book The Achievement Habit how he lost weight by concentrating on his goal, after realizing that the only thing that prevented him was the thought.


3- Your diet is suitable for you


Some scientists say that the right way to lose weight goes through a personalized, accurate diet list that goes back to your family history. So this is probably why you do not even want to eat your diet list when your best friend, who you have eaten the same day, gets sunshine from day to day.


4- Quality not quantity


The author of the book "Always Hungry" which was the Bestseller of The New York Times. David Ludwig tells me that you are certainly not too much fat. Contrary to the issue, high glycemic index foods such as sugar and refined grains can be over-consumed.


5- Muscle


Make sure that your program provides fat burning without reducing muscle tone. As your muscles multiply, the foods you take into your body are better used and not converted into fat.


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