slime glitter

How to slime glitter? As the number of those asking is increasing by the day, we will show you how to do it all, while we can beat you from the boraxeless slime structure. You can remove the world's most beautiful and largest slime project in the Midwest. We


have prepared two great slime projects for you. Slime materials and you will learn how to do it.

Caution: Be careful not to beat the borax substance because it is toxic and not to be gagged!

1-How to make the easiest slime

  • Our first project is to make the easiest and simplest slime.
  • The materials you need to make easy slime:
  • 15 GR Borax Powder
  • 60ml (30 ml) glue as adhesive substance
  • 120 ml warm water
  • 60 ml normal water
  • Food dye or watercolor


slime glitter

Production: 1 tablespoon of 15gr of boraksi stir in a bowl with a cup full of 120ml of water. Continue stirring until the borax is completely resolved. Then mix the adhesive glue that you use in a separate bowl with normal water. 60 ml glue thoroughly mix with 60 ml of water. Continue stirring until the water and glue pass together. The final version of the mixture will be watery. Then add the food dye in the color that you want to blend into this water and glue.


But be careful not to put more than a few drops of the mix to pour the color open ifthe sheep. Too much paint color makes dark and dark. This is also an undesirable result.


Finally mix the glue mixture with the first mixture in a large bowl and hold for 30 seconds.

2- slime glitter


  • Glue (water based)
  • Boraks (Persil, Perwoll, etymatic, you can use Tursil)
  • Dust shining in the dark
  • Water
  • Warm water
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