Those Who Want to Have Laser Hair Removal Here! What should you pay attention to in clinical selection?

When it comes to unwanted hairs, there are many different options, from shaving to aghda, from hair-shed creams to tweezers. However, it is a well-known fact that all of these options are workarounds. Only laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to combat unwanted hair. Therefore, the number of people benefiting from laser hair removal is increasing day by day. After deciding to have laser hair removal, it is time for the clinical selection to be implemented.

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Nowadays, technology is selected rather than clinical and the device with the selected technology is selected from among the clinics in whichever clinics it is in.
Nowadays, technology is selected rather than clinical and the device with the selected technology is selected from among the clinics in whichever clinics it is in.
The highlights of the choice of laser hair removal are as 👇🏼

1- Reliability
In the selection of laser hair removal center, centers that apply under the conditions in accordance with the laws and regulations in our country should be preferred. In addition, laser hair removal must be applied with devices with FDA approval. Centers that do not have these conditions should be avoided in absolute terms. Otherwise, it will not be possible to get results and the risk of encountering unwanted effects on the skin increases. It is especially important to avoid imitations of highly preferred laser hair removal devices.

2- Innovative Technologies
Technological advances are also rapidly showing themses themsself in the laser hair removal market. Laser hair removal technologies are being renewed every day. Once upon a time, only light-skinned people with dark, thick hairs could be laser haired, while today there are systems that can apply to all skin types, such as Ice Laser.

Ice Laser, which has come to the fore in recent years, is a patented brand that identifies Soprano Ice Platinum and Soprano Titanium devices. The Ice Laser has three wavelengths: Alexandrite, Diode and Nd:YAG. With the strength and advantage of three wavelengths, it ensures effective and safe results in all hair types and all skin types. It's applied in over 80 countries. In Turkey, many centers, including our country's distinguished physicians and clinics, use Ice Laser. People who want to have laser hair removal especially search and find clinics that use Ice Laser and start applying them at the nearest Ice Laser clinic. In this, the ice laser system is painless and effective in all hair and skin types.

Application to Bronze Skins: Ice Laser has FDA approval on all skin types, including bronze skins. In summer, it can be applied without complications such as skin burns. Just a week after sunbathing, ice lasers can be built. As in traditional laser systems, there is no need to wait a minimum of one month for the skin color to be lightened.

Effective in Thin Hairs: Ice Laser, which can be safely applied in all seasons, is also known for having effective results in fine hairs.

Safe in the Face Area: Ice Laser does not cause the spread of quince feathers in the face area. Therefore, it is very preferred in laser hair removal of the face area.

Side Ineffective: Ice Laser is a system that protects the skin surface with patented technologies. There is almost no risk of encountering undesirable effects such as burns on the skin, color change.

3- Painless, Comfortable Applications
3- Painless, Comfortable Applications
It is a well-known fact that traditional laser hair removal methods are painful. Especially since the genital area laser hair removal is very painful, there are many people who do not want to have laser hair removal. Ice Laser is a new generation laser hair removal system developed to end laser hair removal pain. Ice Laser, which offers painless laser hair removal in the comfort of massage, cools the skin up to -3 degrees during the application. This effective cooling with patented Ice Technology instantly refreshes the skin and maintains skin coolness throughout the entire application. The application technique, in which the bristles are gradually heated, is another important element that makes the application comfortable. In your patented SHR technology, the treatment title is constantly moved on the skin as if it were massaging and provides high patient comfort.

4- Solution to Accessible Power Areas
Laser hair removal of unwanted hairs inside the nose and inside the ear is quite difficult. Laser hair removal of areas close to the eye such as eyebrows and eyebrows also requires sensitivity. Buz Lazer, which has a special face tip for all these regions, also offers solutions for hard-to-reach areas. The face tip attached to the treatment head ensures safe and attentive application both in hard-to-reach areas and in areas requiring sensitivity. Clinics using Ice Laser are preferred for sensitive procedures such as beard shaping and eyebrow shaping. Nowadays, when information is extremely easy to access, end users meticulously study the technologies used by clinics before having laser hair removal and make their choices accordingly. In the light of this information, Buz Lazer, known for its innovative and patented technologies, is heavily preferred.

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