tie tying

tie tying. from meetings to engagement; The tie used for all kinds of weddings to school is a clothing accessory. It's almost a problem for some of us to tie up a necktie we use in many parts of our lives.

Many people spend a long time tying ties, while others tie ties to their spouse or friends. The tie is very easy, contrary to the fact that it is known to bind.

tie tying

Here are the easiest tie binding methods we have prepared for you;

Tying tie with simple knot

The most basic and simple technique is that you can easily connect your tie. As you can see in the picture, take the thick side of the horn tie to the right and swipe it from the thin end, the same way once again tour and create a knot. After you create the node, you take the thick tip up and move it from the node that you created. That's how simple it is, you tied your tie.

tie tying

Simple Node method

Tying tie with double knot

You are taking two laps in this binding style, similar to a 5-step binding method. As shown in the illustration, we take the thick side to the right as in the simple technique, we pass it through the thin end, then we take a tour--attention here--once again on the tour, we move the thick tip up and through the knot. An extra lap in this method will make the tie thicker.

tie tying

Double-node method

You've learned the methods of linking these two basic ties we've compiled for you. At work or on your special days, you will now connect your tie without getting help from your spouse or your friend.


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